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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 Magazine scans #73

 Hmmmm, wonder why I've always thought as the members being so pure?

 Kind of funny as how in Sunday's post mentioned that there's been no Halloween cards for this year. On Monday it was announced that Halloween cards are now available for order, did that post have anything to do with it?

 Bit slow for the group these last few days and probably will be until this Friday. On that day they'll be appearing on NTV's 'Halloween Special' and will be performing the new single for the first time. Already have the PV's for the single but prefer seeing them do their songs live, least in concert they sing live but not too often on TV shows.
 Just a few mag spreads for today but think there's an unwritten rule that I'm not allowed to go two days without a Nogi post. Riho from HKT is someone who I've never posted anything about, though she is the most popular member in the AKB family she's someone I don't care too much for, HKT's singles though are usually fairly good. She teams up with Nanase in this set of pics from the November 7th issue of WPB. Nanase also teamed up with another J-Popper who was Maimi from   C-ute a few years ago for a superb spread and video.

 Also from that WPB issue are quite a few group pics.

 For a long time thought Asuka had the lead in solo posts for this year, she's really slowed down in them in these last few months so think she no longer has the lead and these are from Larme.

 Final spread, as I mentioned above there haven't been as many of them this last week. The Undergirls are well represented here int he December issue of Samurai ELO.


  1. I like most of the Undergirls and like it when they get promoted but just going to be strange at first when the second generation members are the majority in the Senbatsu ranks. Mahiro really deserves another shot at being a Senbatsu, can really see Miria being the most popular member 3-4 years from now.

    1. Miria has a good shot,though I'm personally rooting for unpopular Iori.

      Any Undergirls you don't like?

  2. Can't say I'm a huge fan of all of the Undergirls but there's none that I dislike. Problem so many of them will have is that they're stuck there and will remain there unless many of the Senbatsus graduate.