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Friday, October 14, 2016

Nogizaka46: "Graveyard, High School Girls" stage play news- all Undgergirls!

 Fairly sure the title of the play is correct, translated it and the story from 'Natalie' and 'Tokyo Popline' if you want to check those sites out for the full stories.
 The group has done so many plays the last few years but most have been with a member or two appearing in a non-Nogi play. Forget the exact title as it's been two years but there was a Nogi play that was named "16 Principle" and there were a few versions of it over a two year stretch. These days is there anything the group doesn't do or appear in?
 It seems that way, hope they don't get too overexposed but perhaps their fans can never get enough of them and it seems that way with the viewers here. Still waiting for a Nogi movie, the members have appeared in many films but there's been no group one. AKB had a group film that came out in 2007 titled "Suicide Song", though I'm not as much of a fan these days was planning on watching it again after this post.
 That film is quite a cool watch and it was released before the group became mega-stars. Wouldn't mind Nogi doing a film like that, little edginess in a group movie or anything would be a nice change of pace This play opened on October 14th at the Tokyo Dome City G Rosso and it's be running until the 22nd. As the title says the cast consists of only Undergirls, seems they get more opportunities for these kinds of activities than members do in other groups. Then again very few Undergirtls get the chance to be moved to the rank of Senbatsu so maybe management has them do things like this to keep them happy.
 First off are some promo pics for the play, the eight members in order by these pics are Marika, Junna, Sayuri, Yuuri, Mai, Ayane, Hina and Ami. Following those are some pics from the press conference and the actual play.

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