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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nogizaka46: The 'Himeka Nakamoto post' #1(?)! wow.....

 Not sure why I said 'wow!' but viewing these pics guess there was a reason.

 When I was doing that Nogi top ten list had really wanted to include Himeka, had I known her a bit better it would have happened. Himeka is a first generation member which means she's been part of the group for over five years now. But of all the long time members know the least about her, main reason I wanted her on the top ten list was for her looks as she's kind of stunning in her own way.
 Have posted so many of Himeka's blog pics as she's one of the best as far as updating it, besides those and some mag spreads there's been very little of her here. Recently have mentioned a few times that she needs a solo post to break the ice, finally broke it tonight and there should be a few more of these posts coming up.
 Don't know much about the BABYMETAL group but they are a bit popular and her sister Suzuka is a member of the trio. Himeka turned twenty on April 13th so she's been plenty old enough for a few years now, maybe it's because she tends to be a bit quiet and kind of stays in the background too much. Was hoping to get to know  her better in season six of NOGIBINGO! but sadly only the first two episodes were subbed. In the first episode a member was chosen to be the co-emcee for the season and Himeka won the honor, didn't watch any shows after the second one due to lack of subs.

  The above pics were from a video promoting the sixth season on DVD, that first pic is from episode one when she was selected as the co-emcee. That's enough of Himeka details for now, will keep filling in the blanks with each of her posts. Have plenty of pics for everyone to enjoy, except for the mag spread they're all new for her and actually can't recall posting that mag spread. May as well start off with it then, this ultra superb set is from the May 10th issue of Young Champion and Himeka really stacks up well compared to any other member.

 Most everything for today is new for here, been too many Nogi cards for this year posted here but for some odd reason hardly ever post Himeka cards.

 Shame the Natalie 'Power Push' series no longer exists as they put out some fine pics of the members, mainly the Undergirls. There's twenty total from the set but will post just ten for now and have the others for her second solo post which I promise will be soon.

 How about just some Himeka pics to enjoy, she really is a looker or at least to me....

 Another series which I wish was resurrected was 'Nogizaka Quarterly', it was put out by BLT and there was a total of four editions. Himeka was in volume one of the series, here are the pics from it along with the video of the photo shoot.

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  1. She is my oshi since always. Glad she's getting more attention.