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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'NOGIBINGO!' season seven episode one recap and screenshots

 Let's hope the subbing for this season keeps up, season six only the first two shows were subbed. First three seasons every episode was but things tailed off and seasons four and five had about 2/3 of the shows subbed. Do watch them as they're easy enough to follow but usually only post about the ones that are subbed as there are certain things which go over my head.
 In the sixth season there was an assistant MC chosen, that took place in the first show and the winner was Himeka. That was an excellent choice as she did a fine job and that's one reason she's really crept up fast on my fave's list this year, will have another solo post for her soon. She even mentioned things took a turn for the better once she was chosen as an MC as she appeared on her first mag cover and was promoted to the ranks of a Senbatsu.

 Other members may have taken notice of those events as this time four of them tried for the honor of being assistant MC for the seventh season. In order here are the four candidates for the position, first is Misa who already is extremely popular. After her is Kana and Miria who are both Undergirls and the exposure would surely help them. The final candidate was Manatsu who is also very popular, think she ran as a bit of a joke as she only had one supporter.

 All four had their own cheering section of supporters, each with five other members backing them. That means there was a total of twenty members who appeared on this show as there were 15 missing! Thought the first show of a season would have had everyone in attendance but that wasn't the case as Nanami, Mai, Sayuri, Reika and eleven others weren't there.
 Each of the candidates gave a manifesto of what would happen if they were selected, Misa's motto was to 'never cut corners to save time'. Meanwhile Kana's was for 'one member a show has to do cosplay' which didn't go over too well with all of the other members. Miria wanted to feature the talents of the Undergirls while Manatsu's was quite forgettable.
 Best part of the show was when they had a mini debate and some of the members got into it. Actually it was the supporters of the candidates who were the most vocal ones, some of the gals can really spew out some mean yet funny remarks.

 As you can see the supporters all had signs, the supporters really made this a fun show. However the outcome wasn't going to come down to a vote, if it did it would have ended up in a three way tie. What happened was that Nanase disappeared and made a reappearance, thought she was the one who was going to make the final decision for assistant MC.
 That wasn't the case as under a sheet she was carrying was an iguana! Naturally the studio became a place of panic, that is except for Nanase who really is an animal lover. The selection, if you want to call it that, came down to who could make the iguana eat their banana. Wished it was more of an exciting ending but the one whose banana was eaten first belonged to Misa!
 Seeing as how I can't ever get enough of her that selection is A-OK by me. But watching the show thought Miria came off the best, if their host Ijiri made the selection think he may have chosen her. Plenty of screenshots for you Nogi fans to enjoy, a show is only a tad over twenty minutes long but somehow managed to take sixty of them! Episode two aired last night, will watch it regardless if there's subs or not but if there are some then will be back soon with a recap for that show.

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