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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fumi Nikaido: Her intro post #2....

 Thanks for unknown for their comment on Fumi's first ever post here, there will be many more coming up for her. Fumi has done a few jaw-dropping spreads and has looked that way at many events but for the most part she appears to me to be a down to earth gal and usually dresses conservatively.
 Fumi doesn't appear in too many mag spreads or at least not as many as she deserves. However she always seems to be at some event and quite often two or more in a week so most of these posts will have pics of them. One reason for that is because Fumi has been in almost twenty films the last four years along with many dramas so she's often promoting them. Her first post featured pics from the premiere of "Nanimono" which took place on October 15th.
 An excellent film film to view which I've never posted about is "The World of Kaneko" from 2014, highly recommend it. Fumi has had two films come out this month as on October 1st she was at the premiere of "Scoop", that movie has done well as it's been in the top ten for three weeks.

 Actually Fumi does appear in a fair amount of mags but rarely ones like WPB, Young Jump or others in those vein. That's perfectly fine with me as she doesn't need to dress skimpy to look absolutely superb and the first set of today is from the October issue of Soup.

 Have a pair of more recent mag spreads, first has only three pics which is from the October issue of Spring while the others are from volume two of Mery.

 There are so many older things for Fumi to post but going to attempt to try not to make the posts too big as I'd like to stretch out these posts for a while. "The World of Kaneko" film was released on June 27, 2014 but two weeks before that Fumi had another film that premiered, title of it is "My Man". Have plenty of stupendous interview pics here for the film as I really enjoy her style, after the pics is the movie's trailer.

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  1. Didnt expect a 2nd Fumi post so soon XD

    Idk your sources, but would be epic if youre able to find scans from mags like Nylon.

    PB scans would be more awesome tho XD