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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Yui Aragaki: "Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu" drama episode one recap and screenshots

 Start Date: October 11, 2016 airs at 10:00 pm on TBS

Main Cast:

Yui Aragaki as Miyuri Moriyama
Gen Hoshino as Hiramasa Tsuzaki
Yuriko Ishida as Yuri Tsuchiya
Takashi Ukaji as Tochio Moriyama
Yasuka Tomita as Sakura Moriyama
Ryohei Otani as Ryota Kazami
Arata Furata as Yoritsuna Numata
Takashi Fujii as Hideshi Hino
Erina Mano as Yasue Tanaka

 Bit better first episode than I expected but there is going to be one major problem which is how predictable it's going to be. Kind of have a big inkling on how this series is going to end already which may be a drawback or actually should say will definitely be one.
 Gakky plays 25 year old Miyuri who has a graduate degree in psychology. Miyuri is one smart woman and appears to be an excellent worker but the problem is she can't find a regular job in her field. As the story unfolds Miyuri is working as a temp in a finance company, she seemingly can do everything but for now that's not getting her anywhere. She even trains the other temp worker plus seems to do the same with the regular employees. However on one fateful day she's called into a meeting with her supervisor.

 As you can see Miyuri's contract has not been extended, what infuriated her was that her fellow temp's contract was even though she is quite incompetent. Though out of a job Miyuri isn't taking her job hunting too seriously and lounges around her aunt's and parent's apartments, she still lives with her parents. One thing Miyuri is weak at is job hunting, she admits it during the show and one reason for that is because she's unsure what she really wants to do.
 Her father springs a surprise on her one night at dinner which is that he got her a part time job as a housekeeper for a young man he knows. It's for only three hours every Friday and Miyuri will get the whopping sum of 6,000 yen. Reluctantly Miyuri agrees to accept the position, as least she'll have a bit of spending money though 6,000 yen doesn't go too far.
 The apartment belongs to a computer engineer named Tsuzaki who is about 35 in age. He's gone through many housekeepers as none of them live up to his standards, Miyuri takes this as a silent challenge and is prepared to put everything she has into those three hours. The first day is a trial run, she gets paid her fee in advance so if Tsuzaki isn't pleased with her work then he won't have to see her again. He's a hard man to satisfy but he was with Miyuri's work as his apartment looks sparkling, he contacts her to say she's hired on a permanent basis.

 What we don't see much of is how Miyuri spends her other six days. Quite often she hangs around her aunt Yuri's apartment, she's a successful businesswoman and keeps telling Miyuri to never get married. Miyuri's parents are kind of an odd couple as they're very old fashioned and still use _san when the talk to each other.
 The cleaning job is going well as Miyuri is quite an excellent housekeeper, you wouldn't think someone with a graduate degree in psychology would be so good. Tsuzaki is very impressed with her work as he gives her more responsibilities each Friday. However this one day a week job can't go on forever, especially when Miyuri's parents drop a bombshell on her one night.
 The family lives in Tokyo but her father has bought a small house in Tateyama which is in Chiba. With no way to support herself it looks like Miyuri will have to move with her parents, she still can't find a decent job nor does it appear she's really looking for one. It's surprising her aunt Yuri doesn't get her a job at her company as she's very high on the ladder there and the two are best friends even though there's an age difference of over twenty years.

 The following Friday Miyuri tells Tsuzaki of her situation and how in a few weeks she won't be able to work for him anymore. She brought up the idea of her being a live-in housekeeper, he didn't say so but to him it seemed like a good idea but she quickly dismissed her suggestion. At Tsuzaki's company there was a major program that needed to be changed and reinstalled within a week at almost impossible odds.
 Working almost nonstop him and his coworkers were able to solve the problem on time but working at such a frantic pace has made Tsuzaki quite sick. When Miyuri showed up to do the cleaning he sent her home because he was too sick. However he did contact her to bring him some medicine and ice cream which she delivered to his residence. While she was there she also did the cleaning, made him dinner and nursed him back to health,
 As mentioned Tsuzaki is a hard man to please but he was very impressed with what Miyuri did, to himself he started thinking about her suggestion of being a live-in housekeeper. On what would be her final day Tsuzaki offered her a proposal which was to be his full time housekeeper but they would make it look like a de-facto marriage. Not sure what that means but Miyuri accepted.

 It was moving day for Miyuri's family so they needed to rush to her place. On the way there they discussed the marriage more, it appears as though a de-facto marriage wouldn't be such a wise idea so they've agreed to officially tie the knot. Not sure if they've thought that out well enough though as she's supposed to be just Tsuzaki's housekeeper, getting married doesn't make too much sense.
 At least it doesn't make sense yet, this is only the first show so some explanations on the whys will probably be explained soon. Miyuri's mother seemed pleased with the news, not so much with her father but he accepted their decision as after all she is 25. Miyuri's aunt Yuri was the one most shocked and against the marriage as she had been preaching to Miyuri for years to always remain a single woman. And with that the first episode came to a conclusion. Don't know why some short scenes were shot in a documentary mode with someone holding a hand camera, you'll notice that in a few of the screenshots.

 As mentioned above it was a much better episode than I expected, the 58 minutes really zoomed by which is a good sign. Problem I have is that you have a feeling how the series is going to end, it may be a sham marriage right now but by the final episode can see it being a real marriage. The ceremony hasn't happened yet and it'll probably take place in the next show, skipped the preview as I prefer going in knowing not what to expect.
 Gakky is not the best of actresses though she does a solid job playing these kinds of characters, wish she would expand her roles a bit more though. Originally was going to recap the first two episodes but think I'll be doing one at a time as I usually do, perhaps tomorrow the second recap will be done. Third episode airs this Tuesday so want to get it done before that airs, here's a few more screenshots from the show. Erina had a small part in it as a single mother but have a feeling her role will be increasing or at least I hope so.

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