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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: Thanks for.... Four Million Views....

 Gulp, wonder what they'd do if the total was ten million? Four million to some may not be a lot but to me it's kind of shocking that so many people have visited here, guess all the credit then has to go to.... wait, once again there's a rude interruption from.....

 Sigh, appears as though modesty isn't one of her stronger points but as we've learned that's nothing new about her. Actually if any female deserves the credit it's Erika aka Nao Kanzaki who was the main reason for the creation of this lamish blog. She has close to three hundred posts so it's kind of surprising I've never posted about either season of "Liar Game" or don't think I have. Not sure if it's something to be proud of but bet I've watched the first season over a hundred times!

 Do have to give thanks for everyone for visiting her, never had any kind of goal when I started this blog but the last two years the amount of visitors has really increased. Took well over two years to get a million views, bet it was closer to three years. Don't know if the quality of posts got better or they became more interesting but it took only a year to get the second million. One good thing I personally like about this blog is that it's ad-free and will always remain that way.
 Then this April the three million mark was hit only 8 1/2 months later. Now a new record has been set as it's just taken 6 1/2 months for the next million, kind of shocked so many keep coming back so thanks again for everyone who keeps me motivated to keep doing these posts. Plus it get's me interested in doing other posts besides regular ones such as all of these recent 'singles series', 'top ten lists' and more. Was a little late with the screenshot for the milestone event though I was counting down the seconds....

 Everything here is naturally written in English yet by far most of the visitors come from Japan as you can see, perhaps because there's Kanji in the tags? Southeast Asia must have a lot of drama and Idol fans as so many countries from that region are on the top ten page views by country list.

 Should do way more posts that feature Kyoko as her pics here are viewed quicker than hotcakes sell(?). She even has two more in the six through ten positions for most viewed posts, it's also easy to see why Maki made the list as that post has many fabulous pics from her "Dramatic" photobook.

 What is her problem, just because Nanami isn't in the top ten it means a night on the cushionless sofa(!).... hmmm, then again that means don't have to listen to the world's loudest snorer!

 Nogi posts are consistently popular here, no entries in the top ten viewed list though Nanase has come very close as has Mai with posts for their photobooks. May surprise many but even though Nanami has about four times as many solo posts than any other member her average post only ranks sixth for views.

 That's one video that will not be missed, hopefully my face will be unrecognizable. By far the posts for Mai and Nanase are the most viewed though Kazumi has quite a few fans out there as her two photobook posts are in the top ten for most views this last month. Erika's posts also draw many views but that's to be expected, what's surprising is that Misa's solo posts draw many viewers and it's easy to see why as she's coming awful close to being my fave member which could happen next Spring.

 This is kind of getting long so will stop here but will say thanks to everyone who keep checking this blog out and hope the visits continue. The last two years Nogi has certainly dominated this place, can't believe they're close to almost 700 posts.
 But for a long time it was Erika and Masami who dominated the posts, would much prefer to do at least one post a day for them than anyone else but unfortunately they've slowed down a bit in their oldish ages. So we'll end off with some pics of ultimate perfection from the two who will always be my all time faves. Neither has anything new so after the checks out a reprise video of Masami at a Folli Follie event that took place at the beginning of September.

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