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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 Magazine scans #75 and eerie blog pics....

 Glad to see this season which is the seventh one of 'NOGIBINGO!' is being subbed, should have another recap later on in the week. However their long running show "Nogizaka Under Construction" rarely gets subbed, few shows here and there do. Sunday's show had a nice long interview with Nanami, can understand some of it but not enough to tell you exactly what she said.
 Also there's a second season of her documentary 'Bungaku' which just started, have that show and will be posting about it soon.

 This is post #75 for this year's mag spreads, should beat last year's total by quite a bit as for 2015 there were a total of 78 posts which is still a high number. Only two spreads today but have had them for a few days and didn't want them to get dated. Sure all Himeka fans are going to enjoy this fine set of pics from the December issue of Bubka as she easily rates an A++++.

 Noticed lately that a lot of pairings in these spreads have been new ones, have never seen Manatsu and Misa share a pictorial together but they do here and have the cover for the December Entame. Bottom five pics are from the photo shoot.

 Just scrolled through all the blogs looking for Halloween pics, there's more than these so I'll be posting more tomorrow as probably more will be added. So far in first place with the best pic is Hinako's who leads us off.


  1. Halloween sure is a nice time of the year in idol world. Am I really the only one who finds Iori extremely cute?

    Looking at pics of Misa turns me into a drooling retard, she definitely knows what makes her so attractive

  2. As far as Nogi goes seems every day is a nice one in their Idol world. I like Iori too but sadly she's another one who is kind of buried in the Undergirls, have always wondered how a solo single from them would fare.

    Misa has made me wear a bib every tome I view her pics, was getting tired of having the front of my shirts so wet! As far as hotness goes no member, least to me, touches her hotness.