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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nogizaka46: Ghoulish yet unscary(?) Halloween cards from yesteryears....

 Hmmmm, guess if their Idol careers don't pan out they could always become an unfunny comedy duo, I could give them tips as unfunny is my motto here!
 As mentioned yesterday the group's 2016 Halloween cards weren't put on sale until this week, who's the genius running their card department? When they do eventually pop up will naturally be posting them here but in a way not having new cards is kind of a blessing in disguise. Posted some of their 2015 cards last year....

....  but prior to that year think there were a total of ten cards for 2013-14. So we'll devote this post to those.... gulp, ever notice how creepy things sound when you're alone in a house? Hope it's nothing to worry about so let's continue.... WAIT!!!!!!!!!!


 Whew, once again Nurse Kazumi has come to my rescue.... should tell her that my condition requires overnight attention(if she says I'm right see you in a week!).
 (A week later) In my absence the group was on NTV's 'Halloween Special' that aired last night, it's the second year in a row they've appeared on it. Working on getting a video of the show which should happen soon, C-ute was also on the show which may be the first time they've appeared on a music show together. Just curious, wonder if J-Poppers are fans of other groups, know that Sayaka Yamamoto is a huge C-ute fan but wonder how common that is and these are from the 2015 show.

 For today's cards only have ten members but there are over 50 pics. Didn't do it on purpose but all of them are Senbatsu members, if anyone wants them can post Undergirl cards tomorrow.

 Hopefully by now you fans reading these Nogi posts know all of them member's names by now. Have a feeling most do so not going to tell you the names of anyone but the Kanji names are on their cards, there may be a quiz after so for those who are unsure study their names!
EDIT: Didn't know there were any videos but there are a few of the group's appearance the 2014
'T-Spook' Halloween party and you can view one of them after the pics.

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