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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanami Hashimoto post' #61... first of many graduation posts....

 Would recommend watching this clip now or very,very soon as I'm unsure how long it'll stay up.
EDIT: It did get taken off YT, let's try another one.

Sure all Nogi fans have heard the news by now of Nanami's impending graduation, that short clip is from the 'All Night Nippon' radio show where she made the announcement. There's a couple clips of the show on YT, have another one at the bottom of the post and will post a few of the other ones in the upcoming days.

 Think almost all of Nanami's followers are saddened by the news and as most know I am such a huge Nanami -fill in the blank-. I'm really not sad or bummed out by it or not as much as you would think. There had been some rumors floating around for a while and when she was selected as the center for the new single had an inkling her decision to depart was going to happen though didn't expect it so soon.
 Nanami's body isn't in the best of shape, she's definitely in shape but she has a few illnesses and it's really affecting her more and more. The last year or so she's missed a few concerts, TV appearances and group events because of her health. Because of that it's a wise decision on her part to leave, would rather not see her stay and make herself worse.
 Think the shocking news is that she says she'll be retiring from the entertainment industry and not just the group. Nanami seems like a perfect fit for variety shows or less demanding physical jobs like that. She says four months now but who knows what will happen between now and the actual date.

 Hmmmm, truly wish that was the case as so many beside me will be missing Nanami. She did announce her graduation would be taking place on or around February 20th which is her 24th b-day but she has committed herself to a handshaking event in March. Won't go on any more on about this news for now, still at least four more months of her in Nogi so let's enjoy the time and if we're lucky she'll have have her second photobook as a graduation present.
 Nanami hasn't said anything since the decision but naturally will keep everyone updated on all of the news. As you know she'll be the center of the group's 16th single which is coming out on November 9th, it finally has a title which is "Sayonara no Imi" aka The Meaning of Goodbye. Will do a post with more details in the next day or so but in the meantime here's Nanami's cover for it.

 There are a few other videos of the 'All Night Nippon' show on YT, thought the version I first watched had her graduation announcement. It wasn't as the top short clip has it but watched this entire half hour video and took so many screenshots may as well post them, it was actually recorded before the show, Nanami was joined by Erika and Reika, think it's a revolving cast of members on the show, not just from Nogi but from other groups too. To be honest it was mostly a boring show though very watchable and the announcement was made towards the end so her two cohorts may not have known about her graduation though not positive on that.


  1. heres a link to a translation of an interview nanami had after her announcement. it involves her plans after graduation. not sure if youve seen it. it was posted by avalantse in 3 parts. enjoy


  2. Thanks, have seen a few translations of her announcement but wasn't sure which was the right video. Doesn't matter as most, including the one here, have been taken off YT.

  3. let me send you a google drive link to the video i have (untrasnlated). give me an hour or so to upload. by the way, i am amazed how you come up with all those old photos, cards, photoshoots etc that have been in your singles series. arigatou. i hope i can solve your youtube takedown problem. this is actually easier than it sounds. add a youtube video download extension to your browser (opera, chrome, firefox (for gods sakes dont use IE lol)), then save it to google drive (it wont get removed), then upload it to vimeo (it will not get taken down) and it will link on your blog just like a youtube video and you should also provide a google drive link as a backup. done deal and never a takedown again. just got done watching nanamis graduation announcement on ANN and yeah i lost it. thought it would be easier after maimai's but it wasnt

  4. the link i posted earlier was just a transcript. not a translation of the video but still provides some valuable insight into what she plans to do next

  5. Thanks for the suggestion, usually the videos I post stay on YT 95% of the time so think this event made things a lot more difficult choosing the right one.

  6. no problem. this link is for your followers in case you decide not to use it. it was very emotional:


  7. Thanks for the link, think it's much safer that way. Try not to post 'illegal' things here, some of those Japanese stations do check YT and blogs so figure if I link to a video on YT it's safe for if it gets deleted then it's no longer here.