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Friday, October 21, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'NOGIBINGO!' season seven episode two recap and screenshots

 Looks as though pics like those will be the intro ones for this season, naturally the first one has Nanami in the center which is her position for their upcoming single. However she hasn't appeared in either episode so far, there's actually been at least five others who haven't made an appearance yet while many have been on both shows.
 What I'm really looking forward to for this season is having Misa as the assistant MC, she 'won' the honor in the first show. Thought she was the best part of this show, only thing that sort of wrecked it was the guest star whose name is Muramoto. He's the new host of 'AKBingo', haven't seen that show for over a year but the Bad Boys were are a pair of excellent hosts. Muramoto doesn't seem as he's a good fit for AKB as he's kind of loud in an obnoxious way and not all that funny. At times he did turn off a few Nogi members with his comments, Misa even had to cut him short once.

 There was a theme for this show which was the 'Heart Pounding Text Message Championship'. The members had to sent fifty randomly chosen average guys an answer to a message, those guys graded the answers on a point scale. The three best and worst scores were announced, and the segment had the members answering a message from their Senpai to go on a bowling date with a few other people.

 Will say one thing about the subs, they're fine but in Japanese shows they have so many graphics it's a bit difficult to read them at times as you may notice. We'll start off with the three losers, with the third lowest score according to the 'average guys' was Misa! I thought her message was okay, how can any kind of message from her be bad unless she said she wanted to break up with you!

 With the second lowest score was the Undergirl Kotoko.

 And the member with the lowest score overall was another Undergirl who was Chiharu. Also thought her message was okay, these three lowest rated responses weren't much worse than the winners.

 On to the three top scores and in third place was Kazumi, even a blank message from her would make my heart flutter out of control.

 In second place was Kana, there was another short segment after this called 'Photo Reply Battle', she finished third in that and was the only 'two time winner'.

 And the member with the highest score was.... Nanase! If I recall she won a contest similar to this one on a previous season, she seems to win at many things as long as athletics isn't the theme. Her response was okay, kind of sweet and fluffy but that's the kind of woman she is.

 As mentioned the second theme was called 'Photo Reply Battle', it was much shorter than the other contest. Bit of a lame few minutes as Muramoto chose the winner, he had said he's a big Mai fan and with no suspense picked her as the winner. To me it appeared as though she was turned off by the guy as he said a few suggestive comments during the episode which is sort of taboo for Nogi shows.
 All in all it was a fine watch except for Muramoto, luckily he won't be on any more shows which means we'll see more of Misa who really worked well with the regular MC Ijiri. No real reason for thinking this way but have a feeling the whole series will be subbed, not sure of their name but think it's Good Enough Subs. Have many more screenshots here from the show and hopefully will be back next week with the third episode.


  1. love the site but keeping my opinion to myself

  2. muramoto was just doing his regular routine. think the akb girls commented on his appearance on akbingo, and he revealed some stuff about mai shiraishi's backstage personality

  3. I used to be a huge fan of AKBingo but with all of the graduations have lost most of my interest in the group, actually Bad Boys may have been the best part of the show. Did notice many members were put off by his comments, they may work with AKB but Nogi is a much more conservative group.

    1. I'm sure they knew he was just being his regular obnoxious comedy persona. It's part of the humor to see them repulsed by him and establishes them as a conservative idol group. Bad Boys did add some element of warmth and familiarity to the show. The zaka46 hosts have been pretty good as well.

      I actually didn't care much for the earlier generations except for Mariko Shinoda and Jurina Matsui. Probably an age thing. Current favorite in AKB48 is Iriyama Anna. She'd be a perfect fit for Nogizaka

  4. Bananaman are the Nogi hosts for their 'Construction' show, have always enjoyed the duo and they are fans of the group. Personally I think Yui Yokoyama would be the best AKB member who would fit in well with Nogi.

    1. Always forget Yui Yokoyama(the 1st). Her Kyoto show is nice.

      The older host of Keyakitte Tsuchida seems to be a huge fan of Nogizaka as well

  5. Yui is an easy one to forget, I do it myself too often. Haven't done any Anna solo posts and there's really no good reason for that as she's one of the few members who I like, bet after the upcoming graduations that total will be less than five. Wasn't a huge role but thought Anna did a fairly decent job in the "Siren" drama.

  6. Hope her agency continues looking for roles in high quality dramas for her. Her part in 64 Rokuyon was smallish but she made an impression(or maybe it's just because I like her).

    She is doing great in her current theatre gig "Utahime", doesn't lose to any of the senior actors/comedians. It's fun to see her as a younger sister character