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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'NOGIBINGO!' season seven episode three recap and screenshots

 Good Enough subs are doing, uh , er, a good enough job getting these subs done quickly, wish they would do a few dramas! Through three episodes we haven't seen Nanami, Reika, Yumi and a few others appear in a show. Can't give a reason why they haven't but perhaps we can understand why Nanami hasn't appeared as her graduation may overshadow the show, come to think of it the other two are appearing together in a play so perhaps that's why.
 Really not as much of a fan of these 'Ikemen' shows as they've been done to death either by AKB or Nogi who have done one of these for at least four seasons in a row. They're okay but much prefer shows with other themes such as singing, cooking or sports competitions The title of the show was 'Dream Couple Competition', we'll let Ijiri and Misa introduce the men(?).

 The four members who became men for the show are....





 And the seven potential girlfriends for the men.

 The seven asked the 'men' some questions, 'what would they do if?', etc. Noticed the Senbatsu members received most of the air time, especially Mai. Ranze was one of the seven yet she was never allowed to ask a question, didn't realize she was one of the bachelorettes until the very end.

 All of the 'men' members tried to come off as cool, laid back guys who had no worries in the world. Seems as though every show the guy's have the same demeanor, that goes for the AKB shows too. That is the definition of an Ikemen so guess they do a good job at it. All four did a solid job, not that I'm a woman but would have had a hard time deciding upon the four. Actually Kazumi may have come off the best and Mai thought so too as they ended up being coupled up.
 Meanwhile Erika's rendition of a man was the most popular one as three members wanted her to be their date, even Miria who wasn't in the competition joined as she was head over heels for him/her. All had their hearts broken as none of them were chosen by Erika to be his/her date, she came off a bit coolish rejecting them. As far as the other two men go Mahiro chose Asuka over Nanase in what could be considered a big surprise. Final couple was Kana who chose Chiharu, she was the only one who wanted him/her to be her boy/girlfriend.

 Viewing the screenshots again it wasn't as bad of a show as I might have said, maybe I'm jealous because none of the members wanted me to be their Ikemen. Shorter recap then usual, these shows are made to be watched and really not reviewed. These are easy enough to get so if you're a Nogi fan then would definitely recommend all the episodes so far for this season. Subs are getting done quickly so hopefully will be back at this time next week for episode four's recap.


  1. Terada Tanze objecting and walking over to "Ikuo" was too adorable

  2. Kind of felt bad for her as she wasn't allowed to ask any romantic questions. She has been getting much more attention lately as she's had a few solo mag spreads, because they were solo ones didn't realize she was that short as she was unnoticeable in the group of seven.

  3. I think she got to ask a minimum of questions but they probably got cut. she is quite tiny, even in an already tiny group of girls like nogizaka

  4. Was thinking that her questions got cut too. Nogi's members are kind of short, hard to notice that when they stand next to each other.