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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Haru: "ON" drama episodes eight and nine recaps with screenshots

Air Dates: July 12 to September 6, 2016 Tuesdays at 10:00 pm on Fuji-TV, rating: 7.98%

 This drama also goes by the name "On: Special Agent Hinako Todo"

Main Cast:

Haru as Hinako Todo, rookie detective
Yu Yokoyama as Yasuhisa Shoji, senior detective
Atsuro Watabe as Iwao Atsuta, department's supervisor
Jun Kaname as Keiichiro Kurashima, detective
Kento Hayashi as Tamotsu Nakajima, doctor
Mieko Harada as Taeko Ishigami, medical examiner
Tsutomu Takahashi as Keizo Kataoka, detective
Saku Momose as Ryoshin Shimizu, detective
Ryo Sato as Maki Tsukioka, traffic officer
Shiji Saito as Takeshi Miki, investigator

Guest Star.... Nozomi Sasaki as Tsuya Sato

 Last recaps for this series were on October 3rd, to be honest forgot all about the two episodes until yesterday. Viewed both of them and will try to squeeze the two episodes into one recap, hopefully it won't be too long. That means there won't be too many references to earlier shows so would recommend reading them if you're coming in cold, also would suggest reading those older recaps as this did turn out to be a fine series.
 At the conclusion of the seventh episode Hinako had tracked down a rogue police officer who had set up a website for those who wanted to commit suicide, a total of six either did the deed or were killed. During their conversation Hinako said a few things she shouldn't have, she's really curious about the mind of a killer and let some of her thoughts slip out. That shouldn't have been a problem but her senpai Shoji had secretly taped the conversation, after he arrested the rogue officer he let he know he had taped every word.
 Shoji has had a disliking for Haru even though they have worked well together, he threatens her with the tape. His offer, if you can call it that, is that he'll keep the tape secret as long as Hinako resigns from the police force. She's backed into a corner with really no way out, a few days later she brings her resignation letter to the precinct but before she can hand it in a major development has occurred.

 For those few who have read all of the recaps you may recall the female killer Tsuya who appeared in episodes three and four. She was injured during her arrest and is awaiting trial at the prison's hospital. Thanks to the help of an accomplice she has escaped at the beginning of this show and is hell bent on revenge and Hinako is at the top of her list. Hinako doesn't have time to hand in her resignation as her chief has ordered her to hole up in a hotel room with Shoji being her bodyguard.
 He's still under investigation for the murder of Fujukawa who was his informant though Shoji had nothing to do with the murder. Prior to the Tsuya's escape Hinako had paid a visit to Dr. Nakajima in his prison room, he was arrested a few episodes ago for murder but still helps the police on cases. Hinako tells him about her upcoming resignation and this may be the last time they meet. Nakajima is quite worried about her, her curiosity about killers has led him to believe she may commit that act just to see what it feels like, later on in the episode he tells Shoji of his worries.
 Though in hiding it doesn't take long before Hinako and Shoji are called back into action to help on another gruesome case. There have been a string of brutal animal killings that have stretched from Nagano to Tokyo. In the stomachs of the animals have been human organs such as ears, eyes, etc. There have been so many of them the detective team has deduced that the organs and body parts came from five people, they have no clue who they may be.

 With the help from the forensic team the detectives have been able to figure out the five dead men all had a connection with the escaped killer Tsuya. They had written her letters while she was in prison, what that meant was she couldn't have committed the murders but she must have at least one accomplice who did. Tsuya does have one but in reality it's the other way around as she's really the accomplice to Towa who we haven't heard of until now.
 Towa had grown up with Hinako in Nagano prefecture, Towa had come from a very troubled household and at the age of eight had been sent to live in an orphanage. She was a very peculiar teen which has escalated as she's gotten older as she's now a ruthless yet unknown killer. Like Tsuya she is also after Hinako but for different reasons.
 At the hotel where Hinako and Shoji were holing up Towa had managed to sneak in and before Hinako's eyes had savagely cut the throat of a detective and had taken Shoji as a hostage. If you think that when you put two murderers alone in a neglected factory only something brutal can happen then you'd be right in your assumption. Towa pulled a fast one on Tsuya and has her on the ground defenseless, while on the ground she pours gasoline on her.

 As you can see in that bottom screenshot Towa wasted no time sending Tsuya to a better place(?), now all that's left is waiting for Hinako to arrive. When Towa captured Shoji she told Hinako to arrive at the factory alone within 24 hours, if she brought her detective team with her she'd kill Shoji. Hinako has a way of doing things on her own and her chief knows that which is why he had a pair of detectives constantly shadow her. Hinako is a master of escaping which is what she did, now on to find Shoji.
 Hinako finally shows up at the abandoned factory to find Shoji and naturally her old classmate Towa. During their confrontation Towa explains to Hinako that she had thought she was the only one who understood her and one day would want to know what the thrill of killing was like. Back in their high school days Towa had given Hinako a knife which she still carries around with her, Towa had thought she would use it one day to commit a killing.
 Towa has given Hiano a choice and she has to make it in three minutes which is to be killed or cut her stomach open where the key for Shoji's handcuffs are located. Since the first episode Shoji has had a dislike for Hinako and still does but he pleads with her not to do what Towa says and to either escape or kill her. Once again Towa tries to set a person on fire, this time it's Shoji but though she was able to get the fire going it wasn't going to kill him.... yet.

 The fire will eventually kill Shoji as he's still handcuffed to a pole, either the fire or the factory collapsing will be the end of him. Hinako refuses to give up on her senpai and attempts to no avail to free him from the pole. Looks the end for both of them as Towa is about to end their lives when out of nowhere their fellow teammate Kurashima leaps out and subdues Towa.
 That's really the only time in the series where an event like that happened, really could have been a better ending. Not the ending of the show but it was close to it as Towa has now been arrested and it's finally time for Hinako to have her talk with her chief. She had slipped him her resignation letter a few days before but with all of the events it had to be put on hold. Just before the meeting Hinako and Shoji had a brief conversation, it's true he admits that he still thinks she's one weird person yet he relents and says she's a good detective plus he'll keep that tape secret for now.
 Hinako asks her chief for her resignation letter back and he can't return it to her quick enough. That happened in front of a few other detectives who had no idea she was quitting, that's water under the bridge now as she's back in good standing on the force which ends this recap and the series.

 Omitted a few happenings but for the most part covered all of the major points, little harder squeezing two episodes into one recap. However anything missed you can view in the screenshots as there's another post for them after this as I took so many of them. Will also give my final grade and reflections in that post.

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