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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 Magazine scans #71- Mai Shiraishi from Ray along with making of video

 How would one respond if you said 'trick or treat' and someone as bewitching as Mai answered the door? No response from me as I need to let my imagination run wild for a while....
The group will be performing the new single for the first next Friday on the NTV 'Halloween Live 2016' show, probably won't be dressed as captivating as they were at the 2014 T-Spook concert.

Mai has been an exclusive model for Ray since 2013 and seems like these spreads get just a tad bigger each month. This set of pics from their December issue has a massive total of 28 of them! Mai just finished in the fifth position in my top ten fave member list but have to admit she's kind of entered her own world as far as looks go. Her smile, among other things, is just so enticing it's a wonder all of the icebergs in the world haven't melted yet.... thinking about it more she may be one of the main reasons for global warming.

 After these stupendous pics check out a video from the photo shoot for this spread, above two pics are from it as Mai once again leaves us speechless....


  1. Maiyan. Beautiful and radiant as always. Hope she doesn't decide to graduate next year. Then again, she'll probably stay in showbiz.

    Speaking of enticing smiles, if ever you decide to post about Korean idols I'd recommend Bona and Cheng Xiao of WJSN(Cosmic Girls)

  2. Sadly her and many other member's graduations will be happening in the next two years, wonder how big of a fan I'll be then? Do know quite a bit about Korean actresses but do profess about not knowing too much about K-Idols.

    1. True,though I do like the 2nd generation members and 1st generation undergirls quite a bit

      Not a huge Korean idol follower either but WJSN caught my interest