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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Satomi Ishihara: "Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko" drama episode one recap part 2

 First time Satomi and Tsubasa have appeared in a drama together, hopefully it's not also the last time. They're very similar actresses as both have often had kind of quirky and over the top roles before this one. Satomi(Etsuko) has been a bit fun so far but Tsubasa's(Toyoko) role has been a subdued one or at least so far.
 Etsuko and Toyoko had attended the same high school but unsure of what the age difference is as Etsuko was her senpai at school. After not seeing each other for years the pair ran into each other the day Etsuko had her seventh interview for the Keibonsha publishing company. Etsuko thought Toyoko was also there for an interview but she was miles away from the what Toyoko was really doing there.
 Toyoko works in the editorial department for the Lassy magazine, that's the one Etsuko would sell her soul to work at. Least on paper the position sounds impressive but it's anything but that. Toyoko is seemingly given every task there is to do at the office, perhaps that's why the Toyoko character has been a bit subdued so far. Her main assignment right now is to find Lassy's first male model and it has to be an unknown one.

 Toyoko eventually does find a young male who would be her perfect choice for a male model. His name is Yukito and he's a senior at college but he's not interested in being a model. Upon his return to his apartment he finds an eviction notice so he's going to need the money so he contacts Toyoko and accepts her offer. His acceptance happened at the very end so can't give any details on that yet nor his possible relationship with Etsuko. The pair bumped into each other outside of the offices, she was awestruck at how handsome she was so a budding romance may be in the works.
 That should finish up the entire recap for this first episode, may need two posts again for the next show as that one is also over fifty minutes. Lately been trying to keep the recaps to one post so was taking many less screenshots, didn't do it this time as I couldn't stop taking them with two of my biggest faves always on the screen. The subbing for this series was just started a few days ago so unsure when the next episode will be available, hopefully soon as I really enjoyed this first show.

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