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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fumi Nikaido: Little bit more of this and that....

 Thanks for the Fumi comments to date, hadn't realized she had a photobook but actually she has two of them. First PB was released in 2012 while her second one "Near, Far" came out last December and those two pics above are from it. Posting that PB is now on the 'to do list' so will have that soon. As far as her mag spreads go am posting them in backwards order, newest to oldest, so if there are some truly breathtaking ones for her they'll be posted in due order.
 There's a few actresses who I post about on a regular basis who appear in quite a few mags but most of the time they're not dressed skimpy in them. Fumi certainly was in that WPB spread which came out earlier this month....

.... plus there's another WPB set from 2014 which is even better, kind of worried about posting those pics as a few are a bit too revealing. As mentioned working backwards date wise for her spreads, not 100% in order but these first few posts will just have the ones from 2016.
 Have four more from this year, Fumi looks superb in all of them but is dressed for the most part conservatively in all of them. Plus all of them for this year haven't been huge sets of pics, have four pics each from the September issues of Rola and Spur.

 Whopping total of five pics from the June Vogue Girl and four from the Summer issue of Nail Venus.

 In the first two posts have said we see more of Fumi at events more than anything else and that's mainly because she's been in so many films these last few years. For this year she's appeared in five of them and has had a major role in all of them. Fumi's biggest role though was in the "Wolf Girl and Black Prince" film which came out on May 28th. On April 27th the film had it's first screening at the Tokyo International Forum and have some stupendous pics here from it. For her next post will have some info for the premiere, after these pics check out a video of the event.

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