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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Anna Iriyama: "Utsukushii Tsumi" photobook scans

 Better late than never as the saying goes as this photobook was released 364 days ago, made it in under a year! "Utsukushii Tsumi" which translates over to beautiful sin is Anna's first and only photobook to date. Think it kind of got lost in the shuffle last year as four Nogi books were released just prior to this and a pair of them shortly after.
 Wasn't missed here though as there was a post for an event she had for the PB on March 26th which also featured some superb mag spreads. The book did okay sales wise as it hit #1 on the charts it's first week selling 8,200+ copies plus stayed in the top ten for two more weeks. Since then Anna has kept a bit of a lower profile, has appeared in a few mags but haven't seen her face all that often.

 We may be seeing that face even less in the future as Anna may be heading to Mexico(!) of all places to appear in a drama called "Like". That's one strange news item that came out about ten days ago, some of the filming will be done in Japan though. Wonder if AKB is trying to expand it's fan base even further, really no more Asian countries where the group hasn't started a sister group.
 Anna doesn't speak Spanish so will be curious to see what kind of role she has, it's supposed to be a comedy show. It won't be airing for a while so once more info is released will pass on that news and hopefully can do another post soon with other current activities. On to the PB which totals 94 pics, they were taken in Taiwan and it's an okay book though pales a bit to the Nogi ones that had come out during that time. Never really noticed it until now but in so many of these pics she really resembles Haruna Kawaguchi.


  1. Guess Russia has to wait a bit more. Mexico tho senor, they do make me interested in their weather forecasts but are we gonna get some spanish covers of AKB songs or something?...Tofu Pro Wrestling season 2!?

  2. She's been learning spanish and is being good at it, just check her instagram and twitter :D