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Friday, March 16, 2018

Mirei Kiritani: Many recent happenings for yet another massive forgotten fave....

 Have no clue about viewers except being able to track what country they've visited from or what search term(s) brought them here. Really what I mean to say is don't know how many of you visitors have been coming here for many years. Hope it's many and that the posts have been interesting enough to keep you coming back for more, admit there's been some slight changes over the years.
 One huge change is not posting as often about my bigger faves which I would think happens at many blogs like this one but don't think there's that many of these in English. The whole point of that rambling is you older viewers will certainly remember what an incredibly huge fave Mirei was. Back in 2015 she was fifth on my 'Top Faves List', the following year she slid down to 16th and last year was nowhere to be found. Mirei has always been a thin gal and that'll probably continue forever. But it seemed to me she brought her thinness to a new(low?) level as she truly became too scrawny and it turned me off quite a bit.

 When someone like her loses five pounds it's easily noticeable. Don't know if she's gained any back but is looking a tad better these days plus I had missed posting about Mirei but had kept following her activities though not as closely. Another reason for not posting about her was the quality of her dramas which have hit rock bottom. Her series from 2009-14 were usually okay views, not must watches but most were quite enjoyable.
 Her last few have been the absolute pits but then again I'm not much of a fan of lighthearted romantic shows. Mirei's movies are normally fun watches but don't think I've ever seen "Vampire in Love" as it hadn't been subbed, will be checking on that after this. Her 2014 film "Jossys" was an over the top movie which I really enjoyed and gave it a solid review a few years back. Last week the main cast of five super heroes got together for a mini reunion and hopefully you know all five.

 That bottom pic wasn't from the reunion but from Mirei celebrating her 28th b-day last December 16th, hard to believe how close she is to thirty. No dramas or films are scheduled yet for 2018 and really hoping Mirei's next series will be worth viewing as I did enjoy watching her shows for many years and just have really liked everything about her over the years.
 This is her first post in a very long time so think there will be another one soon for more missed activities from last year though most things today are for 2018. It's only happened two or three times when my jaw has dropped seeing someone for the first time. The initial time that happened was when I watched the fun series "Otomen" from 2009, when Mirei first came on the screen I was hooked as she looked so stunning as a sassy rich student. Though I did mention she's always been too thin it does suit her well and may work to her advantage, it also seemed to me that she did weigh slightly more years ago. She's still in very high demand to appear in CM's and at the top is a new one that came out this week for 'Y! Mobile'.

 Mirei is also still a high in demand model as she appears in so many mags, at fashion shows along with having features at many sites. One site is for Voce and these are some recent pics for them.

 Have a bunch of new mag spreads and there's even more than the ones for today which will be in her next post. Tokyo Walker Plus used to have an actress or two in their editions and mainly was a travel mag. The last few months they must have ten  actresses in their issues as they've changed their format slightly and the fine set here is from their December 21st issue. Mirei's "Revenge Girl" film had come out them and will have more info on that at the bottom.

 Oooops, almost forgot these superb calendar pics that'll look A+ on your desktop.

 Back to the spreads and Mirei has another cover which is from the January issue of Ginger.

 This makes it a hat trick for covers and is from the February edition of Mina.

 Mirei has only been in a pair of movies the last two years and don't know why there haven't been more. Most of her films have been quite successful and she usually has the starring role in them. Her last one was titled "Revenge Girl" which was released on December 23rd, that was exactly one week after her 28th birthday. Pics here are from the film's premiere which was held at the Marunouchi Piccadilly in Shinjuku and following them is the film's trailer.

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