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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Nogizaka46: The 'Yuuri Saito post' #4....

 Not a massive post but it's so rare when I get to post about Yuuri who has been my fave Undergirl for a while. She's been the only UG member to make my 'Top Ten Fave Nogi Member' list the past two years and to me very few other members have anything on her in the 'looks department'. Wouldn't think any UG member will have that honor but to me Yuuri deserves a photobook over any member these days. That includes all of the Senbatsu members who have yet to have one and actually a few who have had or are scheduled to have a PB.

 Perhaps being an Undergirl isn't such a bad thing, just because you're not in the spotlight as often doesn't mean your Idol career can't be successful. The main Undergirl lineup consists of just eleven members so you do stand out more compared to being in a lineup of twenty or so Senbatsu members. Plus the Undergirls did have their own solo album recently which sold fairly well plus they have had a few mini tours and their shows are much more fun than the main group.

 Those above are a few recent pics from Yuuri's blog, used to post many pics from the member's blogs but have really slowed down on doing that this year. Yuuri will be turning 25 in July, she is a first generation member who though an UG has been a Senbatsu member for eight singles. Yuuri also hosts her own radio show called 'Nack5', the show has changed it's name but on April 1st she'll be celebrating five years as the show's host.
 On to some fine looking pics and wish there were so many more of them, actually wish this was more than just Yuuri's fourth solo post. This is a slightly older spread which had been missed and she's joined by her UG mate Kana in the November issue of BLT.

 One brand new spread and Yuuri looks so fabulous why isn't she in more mags? This is the final spread of the post which is from the April edition of Bubka, looks like Himeka in the last pic.

 Hina Kawago is an Undergirl who I constantly overlook but perhaps I shouldn't as she really looks oki doki in these pics. She joined Yuuri yesterday at an event for the American film "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" which opens in Japan on April 6th. Could see going on a safari with the duo and it just came to mind that I should do more group posts just for the eleven Undergirls, will be working on that. Plenty of superb pics from the pair at yesterday's event and in a rarity there is a video of the event which doesn't happen often with Senbatsu members.

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