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Monday, March 26, 2018

Sara Oshino: Her intro post #1....

 This is actually her second intro post as I did them that way to keep the posts in order, many have already viewed her YS-Web set which is the next post. With all of the women I post about you wouldn't think there would ever be a problem finding something new to post about them. That's not always the case and it's actually been that way for three days now but did have a few older things to get to. You may also think that there's an awful lot of gravure gals these days which isn't true, was counting and bet there's less than  ten I post about on a regular basis.
 Ten really isn't all that many as I bet there must be over a thousand active gravure models, for some reason certain ones really make me sit up and notice. Sara is definitely one who made me sit up, have seen pics of her for the past year or so but didn't pay enough attention to her recently. That's okay as like many of the other gals that got introduced it means there's quite a few older things to get to and there's plenty of them for Sara.

 Two days in a row a Race Queen has been featured in a post and think the two of them are the only RQ's I've posted about. Sara is much more than a RQ model as she's also a regular model, an upcoming actress and does a web TV show along with having a radio show. Her voice is fine but listening to Sara on the radio means you miss out on viewing her and what a view she is.
 Like so many of my faves Sara was born in June, her birthday is on the third and a hugely massive fave of mine also celebrates her b-day then but was born eight year's before Sara's 1995. Let's get on with the many fabulous pics of her which will have you reaching for your oxygen tank, mine's almost empty and still have a long way to go. At the top is a short video of Sara at an event on February 6th for her fifth DVD "Body's". The disc came out on January 25th and have some pics from the event that was held at the Sofmap Amusement Center in Akihabara.

 Little late in the year but do have some fine 2018 calendar pics and makes you wish the year would contain forty months....

 On to some superb mag spreads and Sara has appeared in a huge amount the past few years. There's been so many wouldn't doubt if there will be fifteen intro posts for her huge photo collections plus posts like this one. Will work backwards from newest to oldest though the oldest one is still fairly new. First breathtaking set is from the February 16th issue of Friday.

 Whew, good thing that above spread was only five pics as my heart couldn't have taken any more, whew again. On to the second set that's from the January 30th edition of SPA!.

 Those are the only pair so far for 2018, hoping I may have missed one or two. That means it's back to 2017 and this fine collection is from the December 26th issue of Flash, it has something in common with the above two sets are that it contained five pages.

 To end off this Sara intro post have two spreads from WPB. The first one is too tiny as it only has three pages and is from issue #49, much bigger second one is from #51. Plenty of hot Sara videos on YT, after the pics there's one from November promoting her first set of trading cards.

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