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Friday, March 16, 2018

Thief Sentai Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger: Episode five recap

 Start date: February 11 for 50 episodes(?), airs Sundays at 9:30 am on TV Asahi
Subs by Overtime

Main Cast:

Lupin Rangers

Asahi ito as Kairi Yano.... Lupin RED
Haruka Kudo as Umika Hayami,.... Lupin YELLOW
Shogo Hama as Toma Yoimachi.... Lupin BLUE
Yoichi Nukumizu as Kogure

Patrangers/Global Police officers

Kousei Yuuki as Keiichiro Asaka.... Patranger RED
Ryo Yokoyama as Sakuya Hikawa.... Patranger GREEN
Kazusa Okuyama as Tsukasa Myoujin.... Patranger PINK
Ike Nuwata as Commander Hilltop
Plus the robot Jim Carter who does all of the accounting and desk work

The Gangler Villains: 

Dogranio Yabun, the leader
Goche Ru Medu
Destora Mazzio.... plus probably many more of them in the future

 Short promo video is at the top for this episode. None of the episodes have had a true cliffhanger to end off with so there's really no need to know how the previous show ended. However don't talk too much about what's happened up until now so if you're new every detail to date has been covered thoroughly so may be worth reading the older recaps first.

 The top three are the the team of Lupinrangers, the bottom guy Kogure sets them up for their assignments to obtain pieces of the Lupin collection. He was an infamous French thief from over a century ago whose collection of pieces was stolen by the space alien group of monsters called Ganglers. Also after the collection are the Global Police who can transform themselves into the superhero trio of Patrangers, here are the three along with their commander who we rarely see.

 We did see a bit more of Hilltop in this episode which was mainly in the opening scene. That was of him at the airport arriving from overseas(?) with a suitcase labeled Global Police. Hilltop, along with a pair of police associates, were on their way to the Global Police HQ when they were ambushed by a Gangler known as Bundolt.
 He was an ex-Gangler who had been re-recruited by the Gangler's chief right hand man Destra. The Lupinrangers had been trailing Bundolt who is also a wanted thief and had no idea who this monster Destra was. The Lupinrangers had followed Bundolt to the ambush scene where there was a nice surprise waiting for them. In Hilltop's suitcase were two pieces of the Lupin collection, how and where he got them remained a mystery.
 The battle was on for the pieces, quickly the Lupinrangers had obtained one. But their nemesis trio of Global Police officers had also arrived on the scene when they heard their chief was in trouble. That thwarted the efforts of the Lupins to obtain the second piece, they had to flee the scene but they did get a piece which was unexpected. The Gangler Bundolt was also able to escape the scene with the other piece still in it's suitcase.

 Before both had fled from the scene Kairi from the Lupinrangers had flipped Bundolt a card. On it was written that they would meet up with him later at an abandoned factory named Ebuzu. The plan for them was to take the second Lupin collection piece from him which did happen but not until they had their hardest struggle to date.
 That was no ordinary suitcase as it had a tracker device that was put there by the Global Police. They didn't know of the secret meeting but when they learned the location of Bundolt they rushed to the factory where a trap for them was waiting. The trap wasn't actually for the police but instead for the Lupin team but the Patrangers had arrived on the scene first. The Patrangers goal is also to obtain pieces of the Lupin collection but we still haven't learned why it is the goal of the trio.
 For the Lupinrangers obtaining the whole collection will bring back lost loved ones of theirs who had been killed a year before. Kogure, who we didn't see in this show, told them that with the entire collection a descendant of the thief Lupin would gain immense powers and bring their loved ones back to life. For Toma it was his fiancee, we learned in this episode that Kairi had lost his brother and to date don't know what loved one of Umika's was killed.

 It was one fierce battle as for a change the Gangler's henchmen Pordermen put up a good fight, even though they always outnumber their opponent the Pordermen usually lose rather quickly. The team didn't say it but the Patrangers had to be glad the Lupinrangers arrived on the scene as they weren't faring too well in the battle. As in all of the five episodes the Patrangers were once again dismayed that it was the Lupinrangers who were able to obtain a weapon of the Lupin collection.
 This time they wouldn't let a collection piece go so easily as the Patranger leader Keiichiro tried to get it back from Kairi of the Lupins. This is not the first time the pair have squared off but it's the first major battle they've had. It was a back and forth affair with Kairi eventually prevailing. He did have the opportunity to finish off Keiichiro but decided against it which was a wise move. The Lupins are hunted by the Global Police but are actually heroes to the public, killing an officer of the law would have changed all of that.

 While that pair had been tussling the other four from the two teams were still battling Bundolt and the Pordermen. It was the longest scrap to date for defeating a Gangler and his crew but eventually they were taken down. As that happened who should show up but Destra who has his eyes set on becoming the leader of the Ganglers as their current boss has announced his intention to retire after 999 years in the job.
 This is a monster who we'll be seeing much of as he is one powerful Gangler, perhaps the strongest of them all. He didn't fight against either team but was able to create a massive creature called Golam. This 200 foot tall(?) creation went head to head against the Patrangers, they never do get a relic from the Lupin collection but it's always up to them to defeat the Ganglers.
 With the help of a Lupin weapon called Good Strike the Patrangers were able to best the Golam monster but the battles are becoming much tougher for both teams. Good Striker helps out both the Lupin and Patrangers teams, he has the ability to merge all three members of a team which gives them enormous strength. Without that power the Patrangers by now would probably have been defeated by a Gangler, with this latest victory albeit without a Lupin piece this show came to it's end.

 That's a question that arose in the opening scene. The new pieces of the collection that the Global Police found seem to be a bit different than the others,could they have been forgeries? Plenty of time to answer any of the minor mysteries as we're just 10% done with this series, good thing an episode is only 23 minutes long.
 So far, so good for this show but it's kind of hard not to have a fun Sentai series, every one I've viewed has been a decent watch though not always highly recommended. Subs were done a bit late this week but as usual they were very good, next recap for this show should be on Monday. Hoping this weekend to have the next recap for the 'Video Girl Ai' drama.

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