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Monday, March 5, 2018

Thief Sentai Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger: Episode four recap

 Start date: February 11 for 50 episodes(?), airs Sundays at 9:30 am on TV Asahi
Subs by Overtime

Main Cast:

Lupin Rangers

Asahi ito as Kairi Yano.... Lupin RED
Haruka Kudo as Umika Hayami,.... Lupin YELLOW
Shogo Hama as Toma Yoimachi.... Lupin BLUE
Yoichi Nukumizu as Kogure

Patrangers/Global Police officers

Kousei Yuuki as Keiichiro Asaka.... Patranger RED
Ryo Yokoyama as Sakuya Hikawa.... Patranger GREEN
Kazusa Okuyama as Tsukasa Myoujin.... Patranger PINK
Ike Nuwata as Commander Hilltop
Plus the robot Jim Carter who does all of the accounting and desk work

The Gangler Villains: 

Dogranio Yabun, the leader
Goche Ru Medu
Destora Mazzio.... plus probably many more of them in the future

 Short promo video is at the top for this episode. May have been my fave episode to date for Kazusa as Tsukasa had the most screen time. Seems she's gained a few fans out there as her first intro post has been the fifth most viewed one for the past month.

 The top three are the the team of Lupinrangers, the bottom guy Kogure sets them up for their assignments to obtain pieces of the Lupin collection. He was an infamous French thief from over a century ago whose collection of pieces was stolen by the space alien group of monsters called Ganglers. Also after the collection are the Global Police who can transform themselves into the superhero trio of Patrangers, here are the three along with their commander who we rarely see.

 Besides Tsukasa we saw much more of the Global Police aka Patrangers in action this episode. However still haven't found out too much about their past such as how did they acquire any of the Lupin collection to help them fight the Ganglers? Then again there's so many things we haven't learned about the Lupinrangers or of the Ganglers but there still are 46 episodes to go, whewwww!
 The Global Police are investigating a rash of disappearances, the total missing is close to twenty people. Seemingly the missing have vanished into thin air as they weren't seen leaving or being kidnapped. The current case the Global Police were investigating was of a girl who disappeared from a closed room with her parents in the next room. No evidence was found at the scene though Tsukasa was a bit suspicious of something.
 That something was of a stuffed shark lying on the floor, we learn later that Tsukasa has such a passion for cute, stuffed animals. On the way back to their headquarters they noticed a vendor selling a shark that looked similar. The man denied ever seeing the family and as he was telling the police that out of nowhere appeared the Lupinrangers. They've been following the Global Police, it's been helping them locate the Ganglers the police are on the hunt for.

 The Lupinrangers were able to change the vendor into his real hideous self which was a Gangler by the name of Loveroom. The battle was on but every Gangler has been a bit more difficult to beat than the previous one. The fight didn't last too long as Loveroom was able to vanish quickly as the Patrangers and Lupinrangers stood dumbfounded about where he went to. No fight between them either as the Lupin's also made a hasty retreat.
 Back at the Global Police HQ the team's robot Jim cannot figure out how the stuffed shark has any connection to the disappearances. Left alone in the room Tsukasa picks it up, then sets it back down as the urge for her to hug it was getting too strong. But as mentioned she has a passion for soft and cuddly stuffed animals, Tsukasa picks the shark back up and begins to hug it.
 Not a wise decision on her part as she too has become one of the mysterious disappearances. the rest of her team returned but had no clue where she could have vanished to. Us viewers did though and Tsukasa woke up in a cell where the other people who had disappeared all were. Didn't take her long to realize the shark was the connection in the disappearances, the cell they're all in is located in Loveroom's hideout.

 As you can see Tsukasa figured out how she and the others were whisked away to the lair of Loveroom. Little too late but on the bright side she still had her laser gun or whatever it's called. Tsukasa was easily able to open the doors with her weapon, while the other captors fled Loveroom saw what was happening and a battle ensued. Very one sided as Loveroom was able to knock the laser gun out of her hands.
 It appeared the end was near for Tsukasa but out of nowhere her two partners Keiichiro and Sakuya appeared. Quickly they were able to save Tsukasa and the clash continued outside in the woods. To the dismay of the Patrangers the Lupinrangers had somehow followed them, now it was a six on one fight. it's true that these evil monsters always have flunkies and in this series they're called Pordermen but those creatures are always useless and in no time they were out for the count.
 Don't know how the Lupinrangers were able to follow the pair of Keiichiro and Sakuya. They found how Tsukasa was transported away and did the same method of hugging the stuffed toy shark, no clue how the Lupins could have traced them. Now it's a true six on one and Loveroom was no match for the two teams. A very irate Tsukasa ended up kicking the beast about one hundred yards severely injuring Loveroom. To her shock though the monster ended up in the vicinity of Umika, with the monster hurt badly she was able to obtain another piece of the Lupin collection.

 Using the Lupin collection relic Good Striker the Patrangers were able to merge and as you can see above Loveroom was burnt to a crisp. A Gangler we only see for about a minute a show is Goche Ru Medu who is a female. She has the ability to bring a dead Gangler back to live once and in doing so they grow to an enormous height, possibly 200 feet tall. That's what happened this time around as Goche brought the dead Loveroom back to life as a massive monster.
 When that happens it's the Patrangers who always have to get into action. They always miss out on obtaining a piece of the Lupin collection but in the end they're heroes as they defeat a Gangler to save the world. Once again that was the outcome and even the Lupinrangers stuck around cheering them on. There was a light cooling off between the two teams, mainly between Umika and Tsukasa.
 Umika earlier in the episode had given her a key piece of information unknown to the other members of their teams. Both sides are fighting for the same pieces of the Lupin collection but the Patrangers still think of the Lupinrangers as their rivals and perhaps also a band of crooks. With the defeat of Loveroom that brought us to the end of the fourth episode, shows are only a tad over 23 minutes.

 Didn't seem to be as many action scenes in this show which was fine by me as I enjoyed seeing the focus for a member of one of the teams. That was Kazusa as Tsukasa and will do another solo post for her soon. So far I'm enjoying this show, kind of hard to have a bad Sentai series and it seems others are interested in this show as it attracts more views than almost any other drama recap. That is except for 'Video Girl Ai', recap for episodes seven and eight will be coming up in a day or two.

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