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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Thief Sentai Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger: Episode seven recap

 Start date: February 11 for 50 episodes(?), airs Sundays at 9:30 am on TV Asahi
Subs by Overtime

Main Cast:

Lupin Rangers

Asahi ito as Kairi Yano.... Lupin RED
Haruka Kudo as Umika Hayami,.... Lupin YELLOW
Shogo Hama as Toma Yoimachi.... Lupin BLUE
Yoichi Nukumizu as Kogure

Patrangers/Global Police officers

Kousei Yuuki as Keiichiro Asaka.... Patranger RED
Ryo Yokoyama as Sakuya Hikawa.... Patranger GREEN
Kazusa Okuyama as Tsukasa Myoujin.... Patranger PINK
Ike Nuwata as Commander Hilltop
Plus the robot Jim Carter who does all of the accounting and desk work

The Gangler Villains: 

Dogranio Yabun, the leader
Goche Ru Medu
Destora Mazzio.... plus probably many more of them in the future

 Short promo video is at the top for this episode. None of the episodes have had a true cliffhanger to end off with so there's really no need to know how the previous show ended. However don't talk too much about what's happened up until now so if you're new every detail to date has been covered thoroughly so may be worth reading the older recaps first.

 The top three are the the team of Lupinrangers, the bottom guy Kogure sets them up for their assignments to obtain pieces of the Lupin collection. He was an infamous French thief from over a century ago whose collection of pieces was stolen by the space alien group of monsters called Ganglers. Also after the collection are the Global Police who can transform themselves into the superhero trio of Patrangers, here are the three along with their commander who we rarely see.

 Of course there's action scenes in this series but seems to me there's less of them than other Sentai shows. That's worked out well so far as I prefer seeing the main characters out of their hero uniforms which don't even have the actual actors. Two of the previous episodes have focused more on one character, that happened this show with Umika. That's one of my fave Japanese names but a bit of a rare one as I can only think of one actress with that name though have seen used in dramas.
 On to the recap, we've met four Gangler aliens to date and we meet a new one this show called Mergout Arita. This creature has the talent for making his insides expand, not sure if it's first name may be referring to that ability. As the episode begins once again the trio of Patrangers are having a meal at the small French bistro run by the Lupinrangers. They've become regulars at the eatery but have somehow not noticed how much they resemble their hated rivals.
 One Patranger in particular that hasn't noticed is Sakyua. He has such a crush on the cute Umika, he keeps trying to ask her out on a date but has been constantly been given the cold shoulder though somewhat politely. He tried again at the beginning of this show but was once more rebuffed but there was no time for lovey dovey as it was time for the Patrangers to go on the hunt for a Gangler.

 That Gangler, who was unnamed at the time, was the suspect in the disappearance of all the customers at a restaurant. The Lupinrangers had overheard that conversation and had an idea where the Gangler may strike next. They were correct with the deduction as at the Takada Steakhouse there was a Gangler there when they entered the restaurant.
 It introduced itself as Margout Arita and said he was glad the Lupins appeared as he was ready for... dessert?! Yes he was as Margout had consumed all of the customers and staff in the restaurant, the Lupins were up next to satisfy his appetite. Not without a fight though but after some easy victories in the first few episodes the Gangler monsters have become much stronger. It was three against one but it was quickly down to two as Toma was devoured by Margout!
 The creature's tongue is quite long, it wrapped itself around Toma and whisked it away into his stomach which opened up and closed rapidly. Toma was gone just like that and the battle had barely begun. Margout still hadn't satisfied his human craving and up next for him was Lupin Yellow who is Umika. Just as the tongue was about to wrap around her Kairi jumped in to push her away, it worked but like Toma he was quickly eaten up by Margout, are the pair gone forever?

 Umika had hid herself during Kairi's disappearance, Margout thought she had fled so the Gangler left the restaurant. As you can see in the second screenshot the people that Margout had eaten are not dead, he has the ability to expand his insides so his stomach had become a huge holding cell for his captors. They didn't have long to live as the pair of Lupinrangers have figured out the way others have died is from the stomach's acid, it'll soon be claiming them.
 That is unless Umika can rescue them but Toma and Kairi don't have much confidence in her. Umika doesn't have much confidence in her abilities either and we did learn a tad about her past. She had been bullied a bit as a youngster but a girl named Shiho had stood up for her and the two became the best of friends. A year ago the two were at a Tokyo mall when it was attacked by some Ganlgers. As they were about to do damage to Umika Shiho pushed her out of the way but at a price.
 The Gangler's method of attack had been freezing people, that's what happened to Shiho as Umika watched helplessly. A few seconds after Shiho was frozen her block of ice burst and it appears Shiho is gone forever. At that moment Kogure had arrived on the scene, he's the middleman for a distant relative of the famous thief Lupin. Umika became a thief on that day to acquire the remaining pieces of the Lupin collection. If she and her two partners could obtain all of the relics then the relative would obtain magical powers and would be able to bring Shiho back to life.

 Tsukasa's role has increased in every show which is a good thing. She was questioning why did Umika contact Sakuya and accept his offer of going on a date? After a talk with Kogure Umika had regained some of her confidence and it was time to save her two partners. She had figured out that Margout would next strike at a restaurant named Sonnon, she had called Sayuka so he could take her out to the place on a 'date'.
 Not a true date as Umika was using him to fight the Gangler Margout which worked as it appeared right as the fake date was starting. Sakuya sprang into action and was soon joined by his two Patranger teammates. The fight eventually moved outside where the Patrangers were getting the best of Margout. As that was happening Umika swooped in as she had put on a disguise, not a good one of you ask me. While the Patrangers were holding down the Gangler Umika was able to open it's compartment that contained a Lupin relic and retrieve it.

 Those 'disguises' above shouldn't fool anyone but so far the Patrangers haven't seen through them or have they? With Margout losing his Lupin piece it also meant he lost his powers, his massive stomach opened up and all of it's contents of people were dumped out. That included Kairi and Toma who were impressed that Umika was able to save them.
 The fight isn't quite over as out of nowhere the Gangler Gauche arrived on the scene. She's only in each episode for about twenty seconds but the creature has the ability to bring a Gangler back to life with much stronger powers. With that happening to Margout it meant the Patrangers were once again unable to face off against the Lupinrangers as their first priority is to always defeat a Gangler. To the survivors though the Lupinrangers are heroes as they were the ones that saved them which infuriated the Patrangers even more.
 Wasn't a long battle against Margout as with the help of the Lupin relic Good Strike the Patrangers were able to best the Gangler rather quickly. They did use a new weapon this time which was a huge yo-yo that was kind of cool. That brings us close to the end of the 23 minute show but in the final seconds an event happened at the Lupinranger's restaurant. Tsukasa had been watching the trio and had noticed their movements which reminded her so much of the ones done by the Lupins in costume. Looks like we finally have someone who may be seeing through their flimsy disguises.

 Nothing more to add in as I've been saying this series has been quite enjoyable and so far every episode has been fun. These are long series though as there's over forty more shows to go and hope I can make it until the end. Next recap for the eighth episode should be done at the same time next week and hopefully can have a few recaps of 'Video Girl Ai' before then.

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