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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Nogizaka46: The epic 'Miona Hori post' #10....

 Have done solo posts for three members now but the first 2+ months of this year have been a quiet stretch for Nogi. Happens on occasion, one reason is that Keya just released a new single yesterday and noticed when one group has a new song/album the other stays in the background for a while. But Nogi's next single will be released on April 25th, sure soon there will be too many happenings for them to keep up with.
 Been a while since Miona has been in a post, she's been stuck at the number 100 for a long time. At the top is short video of Miona saying thank you to her fans as her first photobook "Kimirashisa" has now sold 100,000 copies and she's the eighth Nogi member to hit that milestone. The Oricon charts came out today and for the first time since September 2016 no Nogi member's PB was in the top ten for sales.

 There were some mighty fine Nogi books that came out last year and it's difficult to choose which was the best. Know who the vast majority of fans would pick as having the #1 PB but I'll be in the minority again and take Miona's as my selection. The next 'Girls Awards' show will be taking place at the end of March and our number one fave Nogi member should be making an appearance at it for the ar magazine, hopefully she'll have her buddy with her again....

 Miona always looks so super duper at those fashion shows, would have to say more so than any other Nogi member. On to some newish things, didn't think there would be enough for a solo post but luckily I was mistaken as usual as there's close to a hundred pics today. First off are some missed cards from the past few months with the first ones being for the "Nigemizu" single.

 Also have some NogiKoi cards which is an app game from the group. After those are some promo ones for a Nogi fashion mag, other members have pics too for the mag yet haven't heard anything else about it but will keep my eyes open as perhaps it's a heads up to expect it in the future.

 Last batch of card have some for X-Mas as I never did post many cards for the holiday plus the others are for the first two months of the year. The first three for January may be my fave pics of today, Miona looks like she'd make a perfect Swiss Maid.... then again also looks like she could be dressed as a Bavarian beer server, either one is still perfect to me....

 Miona has always been Nogi's best blogger but has only done a few entries in the last two weeks which is unusual for her. She did take a trip up north with a few Undergirls, could be the group's last break for a while. Don't have those pics from the trip which were included in two of the Undergirl's blog entries. So many of Miona's pics are of her traveling as she does a lot of it when she has free time, she really does seem to be one of the more interesting members. In pic five she's eating normal but no comment on the top four pics, wonder how may bites it took her to polish it off????

 On to a few 2018 mag spreads, so far there's been a big shortage of Nogi sets for this year. Did have this first one in a group post but it's so terrific figured it needed to be posted again and you may have missed it the first time around. Miona graces the cover of the February edition of UTB.

 Miona's photobook certainly had some revealing and jaw-dropping pics but I kind of prefer her innocent style more. This next set is from volume 28 of BLT Graph which is new for here and the next two hadn't been posted either.

 Miona's spreads for ar are always oki doki to me though wish they were a bit bigger. She's been an exclusive model for them since December 2016 and these pics are from their March issue.

 There are pics from it but didn't have any for today which is from her radio show. Wednesday's she's the host of the 'Recommended' show that airs on Culture Broadcasting and has been the host of the show since last April, the audios are usually on YT. Final spread is from a mag that has never been mentioned her which is Yemumiru! Beauty which is a mag mainly about anime and mangas. Never thought Miona was a fan of those but perhaps she is and this set is from their March edition.

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