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Monday, March 19, 2018

Thief Sentai Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger: Episode six recap

 Start date: February 11 for 50 episodes(?), airs Sundays at 9:30 am on TV Asahi
Subs by Overtime

Main Cast:

Lupin Rangers

Asahi ito as Kairi Yano.... Lupin RED
Haruka Kudo as Umika Hayami,.... Lupin YELLOW
Shogo Hama as Toma Yoimachi.... Lupin BLUE
Yoichi Nukumizu as Kogure

Patrangers/Global Police officers

Kousei Yuuki as Keiichiro Asaka.... Patranger RED
Ryo Yokoyama as Sakuya Hikawa.... Patranger GREEN
Kazusa Okuyama as Tsukasa Myoujin.... Patranger PINK
Ike Nuwata as Commander Hilltop
Plus the robot Jim Carter who does all of the accounting and desk work

The Gangler Villains: 

Dogranio Yabun, the leader
Goche Ru Medu
Destora Mazzio.... plus probably many more of them in the future

 Short promo video is at the top for this episode. None of the episodes have had a true cliffhanger to end off with so there's really no need to know how the previous show ended. However don't talk too much about what's happened up until now so if you're new every detail to date has been covered thoroughly so may be worth reading the older recaps first.

 The top three are the the team of Lupinrangers, the bottom guy Kogure sets them up for their assignments to obtain pieces of the Lupin collection. He was an infamous French thief from over a century ago whose collection of pieces was stolen by the space alien group of monsters called Ganglers. Also after the collection are the Global Police who can transform themselves into the superhero trio of Patrangers, here are the three along with their commander who we rarely see.

 Little less fighting this episode which once again seemed to concentrate more on the Patrangers and especially the trio's leader Keiichiro. However we've still yet to learn the main reason they're going after pieces of the Lupin collection nor how they've been able to accumulate some of the valuable pieces. Those artifacts can turn into weapons, to date they and the Lupinrangers have needed them to combat and defeat various Ganglers.
 Last episode we were introduced to a Gangler named Bundolt, he was bested by the trio of Patrangers and thought he perished which wasn't the case. He's back stronger than ever and is trying to lure the Lupinrangers out of hiding to retrieve the two Lupin pieces they took off him. There was no success in drawing them out but instead the Global Police were on the scene when Bundolt reappeared and he was set to create havoc to Tokyo.
 The fight was the first of a few mistakes in judgement by Keiichiro as his team transformed into Patrangers and seemed this time they would finally annihilate Bundolt. Keiichiro though told his two partners to stop fighting, he too wants to lure out the Lupinrangers and with Bundolt dead they wouldn't make an appearance.

 Two errors in judgement by Keiichiro in ceasing the battle. First off the Lupinrangers never showed up, lately they had been following the Patrangers to where a Gangler was but not this time. Secondly the pause in action allowed Bundolt to once more escape, he's hell bent on getting back the two relics that the Lupinrangers took off him yet he still has one more on him.
 Keiichiro's two partners weren't mad at him but a little confused on why he ordered them to stop fighting. Shortly after Tsukasa had some words for him which were mainly some things that Keiichiro had told her years ago. Both had been together at the Global Police Academy, they were the top two in their class and had joined the police force together. Back at that time Keiichiro had told her the main mission of the police and Patrangers was to protect the citizens of the Earth. No personal feelings should interfere with their fight against the Ganglers which Keiichiro hadn't been doing.
 Bundolt is still on the loose and once again thanks to the police robot Jim the Patrangers learned of the Ganglers location. Keiichiro though is still letting his personal feelings towards the Lupinrangers cloud his judgement and when they arrived on the scene he was more concerned in getting a Lupin piece back instead of defeating Bundolt. In the previous episode Keiichiro was able to get a piece of the collection but ended up losing it in a fight with Kairi of the Lupinrangers. Keiichiro now has revenge on his mind and it cost the Patrangers a victory.

 Once again the 'Red Heroes' Karai and Keiichiro square off, Keiichiro wants to get the Lupin relic that Kairi had taken from him in the last episode. But that revenge factor meant there weren't as many of the team's members fighting against Bundolt who along with his inept army is beginning to get the upper hand. Bundolt ends up firing his laser and hits Keiichiro squarely in the chest propelling him against some concrete stairs. They began to crumble down and for some reason Keiichiro had stayed under the stairs and was trying to hold them up.
 Keiichiro through that action turned out to be a hero as under the concrete were two little children who would have been crushed. If that had happened it would have been due to Keiichiro's negligence as his first priority is to always defeat a Gangler and he let his personal revenge cloud his brain. Luckily nothing serious happened, Keiichiro has owned up to the fact he screwed up and won't let that happen again.

 After that potential tragedy out of nowhere as usual appeared Good Striker who is a mischievous weapon from the Lupin collection. While Kairi's attention had been drawn to Keiichiro Good Striker swooped down and took the Lupin relic that Kairi had stolen in the previous episode and the weapon returned it to Keiichiro. All was not lost as Bundolt's attention had also been elsewhere and Kairi at least broke even as he took the final collection piece that Bundolt had possessed.
 Kairi and the two other Lupinrangers had a change of heart for the first time, instead of fleeing when they captured a Lupin weapon they stuck around. The Patrangers were in no position to battle Bundolt who has now grown to a height of 200 feet thanks to the magic of his fellow Gangler Gauche. So for the first time the Lupinrangers head into action to topple a Gangler and with the aid of Good Striker who is able to mesh a team together that vastly increases their powers Bundolt was taken down rather easily in what was a short battle.
 The Patrangers observed the fight though not sure if their opinion on them has changed, to them the Lupinrangers are or were just common thieves. As mentioned a while back Keiichiro's action did cost the Patrangers a victory but on the bright side once again justice was served. With that final battle the 23 minute episode came to it's conclusion.

 Been a lot of these Sentai recaps lately but honestly this blog isn't turning into one for Super Heroes. Sure many of you have seen a few other shows in this genre and you do have to admit they are fun watches. Practice isn't making perfect but getting into a nice groove with these recaps, they've actually become a bit shorter yet I think more info and details are in them. Up next hopefully will be the recap for episode nine of 'Video Girl Ai', subs still haven't been completed and the tenth show aired this weekend. If they're not done soon will be back with some posts for the other Sentail series I just began which is  'Kyoryuger'.

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