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Monday, March 19, 2018

Sakura Miyawaki: An unbelated 'Happy 20th Birthday'....

 Now that the magic age of twenty has been hit wonder what the liquid is in her glass, hmmmm? Glad to see she's been noticing the happenings around here and yes she is eligible for this year's list, bet many from last year will end up dropping off so it appears our first new add-on has been found. Also Sakura will be the final add on for hitting the age of twenty as she was the last gal I had been posting about who was nineteen. For now on all posts will be for my faves 20+ except for those group posts for Keya and Nogi but will have a rule they have to be at least eighteen for now on.
 At the top is a short promo video that came out a few days ago as Sakura has a new YT channel which premieres today. Think you need to subscribe to the channel to view all of her upcoming videos, haven't done that yet but will if it's free! She's not in that short video too much but it appears her unknown passion has been gaming.

 Sakura had a pair of her best buddies from AKB bribe me to do a b-day post for her, there was no need as one would have definitely been done but wanted to collect the, uh, er, rewards! Little bit of everything today and Sakura is someone who I keep up on so there won't be many recent things but all the pics for today are brand new for here. Let's get on with the 'little bit of this and that' items and first off are some cards from the past few months. One older thing are these cards as the ones for November hadn't been posted and Sakura looks so oki doki clad in black....

 Sakura hasn't posted any pics today on her Instagram/Twitter accounts but did for the special occasion two days ago which are the first four. After them are some recent Instagram pics, the ones in the snow were of her in Kagoshima as she tried her athletic skill(?) at skiing for the first time, no broken legs were reported.

 HKT released their first album "092" on December 27th, naturally it hit #1 on the charts. Sales though have been just so-so as only 157,000 copies have been sold to date, not close at all to what AKB or Nogi sells. HKT only has two singles a year which sell around 300,000 copies, to me if they started to put out 3-4 a year their popularity would increase as six or more months between singles is such a long gap.
 This set features some older pics though not that ancient as the event took place on December 15th. A trio of members were on hand to promote the album but more specifically the DVD version of it. The DVD consisted of many videos titled 'Toei presents HKT X 48 film directors'. Those directors had shot short videos of the members in the studio which were turned into very mini movies. Pics here are from the event which took place at the Baltic 9 cinemas in Shinjuku. You'll notice to Sakura's right is the director Shimizu who has done so many superb horror films and sure most have viewed his 'Ju-On' series.

 Sakura's last post was in January, not too many activities since that post including mag spreads. Do have a pair of them for today with this first set being from the February edition of Young Animal, she's with her best HKT mate who we haven't seen in a solo mag spread in about a year.

 That wasn't the greatest of spreads but a much bigger set with Sakura looking superb in the March edition of Bomb.

 Last off is another older group event which I somehow had missed for her last post. On December 14th Sakura and the same two members plus one who had appeared at the previous event, you should know them, were on hand for a Tokyo Monorail celebration. The rail line opened in 1964 which was the year of the Tokyo Olympics, since then 2 billion(!) have used the service to travel to Haneda airport and probably many more billions have ridden it around the city.
 The quartet were also promoting a few other things for the monorail such as a free pass new twenty year olds can get and wonder if Sakura is taking advantage of that offer today? Plenty of pics here form the ceremony followed by a video if and there are many of them on YT. Haruka was on hand and int he small spread above, heard one reason she kept out of the spotlight was because she had gained some weight last year and it does look that way in these pics.

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