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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nanase Nishino: "Denei Shojo: Video Girl Ai 2018" drama episode seven recap

 Air Dates: January 13, 2018 until ?? on TV Tokyo, Saturday nights at 12:20 am

Main Cast:

Nanase Nishino as Ai Amano
Shuhei Nomura as Sho Moteuchi
Marie Iitoyo as Nanami Shibahara
Hiroya Shimizu as Tomoaki Furuya
Karen Otomo as Rika Omiya
Jun Murukami as Shimizu
Shigeyuki Totsugi as Yota Moteuchi

 Above video of for the seventh episode while the promo for the eighth is at the bottom. Usually watch the shows back to back before starting on the recap but subs for episode eight are a bit late this week but should be okay rehashing the first episode. Except for a few flashbacks Nanase wasn't in the seventh episode at all.

 Slight change in the recap with the details at the bottom....

 You may recall at the end of episode six Ai had passed out on a street and was picked up by a mysterious man passing by. That middle screenshot above is of Sho's uncle Yota who originally had created Ai from a VCR tape 25 years ago. The VCR machine where she reappeared from is going haywire, it's overheating and the timer is stuck at 46 minutes, a coincidence?
 That scene with Yota only lasted for half a minute and we never saw the female he was talking to except for that shot, could it possibly be Ai? Sho has told his friends now that the anime video competition was over she's returned home which of course was a lie. Sho is heartbroken over Ai's disappearance and seems he had fallen for her much harder than we had thought. He's really down in the dumps and starts skipping school, even his close friends can't cheer him up.
 That doesn't stop Rika from trying though as after a mini get together she stuck around after Nanami and Tomoaki had left. She made Sho a fine dinner but in his mind he kept comparing it to the horrible cooking of Ai, Rika though was an adept cook. She even showed up the next morning to make Sho a breakfast, Rika really has the hots for him and it's been that way for years. But it was more than just preparing Sho food as Rika had shown up early that next morning to make sure he went to school.

 Never knew what school they were attending until this episode, it's Otokinoe Academy. The trio's anime "Echo" didn't fare too well in the competition though it was better than the actual winning entry. It was based on a web vote and wonder if the artist who we met a few episodes ago Shmizu had a hand in it. He voted fail for the anime but think he wanted it to lose for personal reasons.
 Shimizu contacted Tomoaki for a meeting, at it Shimizu dropped a mini bombshell on him. Shimizu wants to purchase their anime for 50,000 yen which was cheap as it's not even $500 in US cash but it could be a lot to high school students. Shimuzu didn't explain why he wanted to buy the anime but pressured Tomoaki into making a decision right then without conferring to his two partners. He shouldn't have done it but Tomoaki signed the release contract, now Shimizu owns the video.
 Is it to make money for Shimuzu or is it because the character in the anime was based on Ai? Don't know the answer to that yet which may be in the next episode but when Tomoaki told his mates what he did they were disappointed. Tomoaki suggests they make a sequel with the money, Nanami is heartbroken as with the anime contest over she thought that she could spend more time with Tomoaki. She's still so attracted to him though even though he ignores her so much.

 Finished writing that up over four hours ago, the subs for the eighth episode are still not available. Could have waited another day or two for them but thought I'd do something different for a change. It ended up being the shortest recap ever but there's nothing wrong with that, any viewers who have read my recaps know they can sometimes be too long.
 I enjoy having it easy for a change but everything that happened for this episode was covered. The team doing the subs has done a fine job up until this episode, another day or two wait isn't the end of the world. So will be back when they're completed and sure it'll be by Thursday. Didn't mention it but it did end on a cliffhanger in the last five seconds, screenshot of that is the last one.

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