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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Nogizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #4

 The title says #4 for this year but there have been many more spreads as I've been having them in solo posts and slowing down on posts for the group. Nogi's twentieth single "Synchronicity" will be coming out in April 25th and it's a tie-in with their new Haruyama CM's. For the first time since the group's sixth single "Girls Rule!" Mai will have the center position all by herself.

 There's been no official announcement but wouldn't doubt if this is last single with Nogi. Mai has recently said she's graduating from being a model for the Larme and Ray magazines as she's slowly cutting her outside ties from some reason. Don't know why she would leave those mags, if she does graduate soon she'll need some sort of income and she has to be one of the highest paid Idols these days, third perhaps?
 Least there were a few changes for the new single, Ranze is back and don't understand why she was ever demoted. Hina makes a reappearance too, both are in the third row and I can't understand why Kazumi was moved back to that row, she's been kind of AWOL since November. Another member who has gone missing is Hinako who is one of my big, big faves. She did announce four months ago she was taking another leave of absence due to her health but there's been no news of her since a blog entry on January 1st. Her Nogi career has sadly hit the skids the past year, she was scheduled to have a photobook last year which never happened.

 On to the spreads and while not many of them they're quite superb. First off are two sets from the February edition of UTB, Yumi's is small as she only had three pages. But Ayane made up for that as her set totaled eight pages and sadly like so many of them she's probably going to remain an Undergirl member for life.

 Group spread here which is from a special Spring edition of Nikkei Entertainment.

 Another spread from UTB and this is from their March issue which features Asuka.

 How many bites will it take her to polish off the new Nogi  Mega Whopper? Asuka's best spread to date was in volume #2088 of Anan which came out in January. Posted those pics but there are some new outtake ones from the photo shoot and these are easily her most seductive pics to date. Her PB was okay though nothing spectacular, she's certainly grown up quite nicely and wouldn't mind seeing her have another book with more pics like these.


  1. Mannnn, my no. 1 nogi fave Reika hasn't been in a solo mag in a while, can't remember the last time I saw one with her...whyyyyy:'(
    When Hinako comes back, instead of bending a pan, she's gonna bend time...
    Think Misa has taken her leave from a radio show she's been on for a while, doubt that raises flag...it better not.
    Acting seems like the only road for Mai to head on to if modelling is not the list, she had a start in the 'Asahinagu' and the loan shark one so guess she could try some more but I would think the competition would be hard for like big hit lead roles coz so far I've been seeing who you would usually see as someone who would take lead and it's good. Used to be shocked when a member were to graduate but nowadays it feels like you see it coming.

  2. Mai actually is an okay actress, enjoyed her in the 'Bemars' drama but as you said the competition is tough. Plus most Idols don't fare so well having leading roles in dramas, Yuko is the only one who has been somewhat successful.
    Can see Reika leaving Nogi sooner than later, she is the captain but besides that doesn't seem she plays a big role in the group's skyrocketing popularity. Misa has taken her leave but she was doing two radio shows and do hope it's not an omen of things to come. In the next year or so there may not be many first generation members remaining.