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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Keyakizaka46: 2018 magazine scans #11....

 Almost did another post for the Hiragana members who once again somehow have more spreads than the Kanji gals. But seeing as how the new single came out today decided the main group needed the attention, it's certainly not a small post as there are forty new mag pics. Plus at the bottom will have a video for the 'Yui-chans' who appeared on 'Showroom' promoting the single.
 There's no doubt "Glass wo Ware!" blew all expectations away as first day sales for the single were.... 638,000 copies sold!!!! That's coming very close to Nogi first day sales numbers, would think a million in total sales could happen. Group has come a long way, first single "Silent Majority" sold a little over 191,000 in it's first day. Hard not to compare the group to Nogi so I will. Their sixth single was one of their best, that was "Girls Rule" which hit #1 in it's first week but sales were just 337,000 copies sold, Keya's should top that figure by 400 K.

 On to the mag spreads and they do contain some ultra magnificent pics. Don't think she has a huge fan base though count me in as one but really think Manaka looks so sweltering, shame we don't see her in more mags.

 She does have two pics in this first set but it's not enough. Been noticing that there's really just a small total of members who appear in mags, few of the Kanji members these days we don't see at all. This collection is from a new mag called 'Friday White', has all Kanji members except for the last two pics which are off Nao. She's a second generation Hiragana member, wonder why she was in the set but no other new member was?

This is a member who we almost never see but she does have a solo spread. That's the Kanji member Nana Oda and honestly don't recall ever saying her name here before. This set is from a special Flash edition titled 'Best of Winter 2018'.

 Would have to say that Yui I. has appeared in more mags this year than any other member and bet the second place gal isn't even close. She could be someone deserving of a photobook, to me she may have the most attractive face in Keya but she does look a bit too thin. Yui does have many fans so perhaps she will be honored with the next PB, these are from the new issue of Weekly Shonen Champion. She'll be twenty in September but looks to be fourteen in these pics.... hey, what's up with another lewd comment from a member?!

 Sigh, think a certain member is more deserving of being banned than having a PB! On to the final set which features the Yui-chans and at least one has a bit of respect for her elders. These pics are from the same special Flash issue from above and check out the 'Showroom' video after that's promoting the new single. More than the pics I'm so impressed with their ping-pong ball balancing....


  1. I think Nao is the current face of Hira-K 2nd gen coz I see her name pop up more than the others. Wonder why there hasn't been a lot of Nana mag spreads coz she's looking pretty lady-like there which I personally would like to see more of. Other than the ping pong handling, check out them bowling skills, "Goooooooooo" right in the gutter.
    Now that the 14yr old has seen your enthusiasm in the PB, she will be forever scarred or perhaps...influenced? (SHE'S JUST A KID MAN C'MON!) So, thought you wrote what ya did in Rika's PB somewhere in your humorous speech bubbles but couldn't find anything(looked for 20mins) sooo...what in the harbour bridge did you do there? Representing the olympic swimming team without them red, blue and white speedos in one and...???

  2. Obviously things must be so different south of the Equator. In the civilized Western World a human year equals seven in dog years so thought she was looking too old for a PB(?). Oooops, must rush as it's time for our next photo shoot.... hmmmm, where did I put the twig they gave me clothing?