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Sunday, March 25, 2018

NMB48: Magazine scans #3

 Above is the PV and two covers for NMB's 18th single "Yokubomono", release date for it is April 4th. Sounds okay but need to listen to it a few more times, if anything it could have used a bit more energy. For the first time in a few singles Sayaka will be the center, wonder if it'll be her swan song? Couple more of the covers for the single, actually Miori will be making her final appearance as a member on this single and what a short gal she is at 148 cm.

 Three new mag spreads for today, would imagine there would be many more soon promoting the new single. Was going to go back for 2017 spreads but decided against it as this is already the group's third post in a month and the members do appear quite regularly in mags. Year ago said I would be surprised if Sayaka was still with NMB, obviously she still is but for how much longer? She starts off today's sets as she's the cover gal for the March 22nd issue of Tokyo Walker Plus.

 For this second set we have the pairing of Yuuka and Chihiro from the April edition of Entame. First time for Chihiro in one of these posts, she turned 19 in December but didn't make the Senbatsu lineup for the new single.

 Last off is more Yuuka who has become one of my fave members. What a set to end off with as she also graces the cover of the April issue of Young Animal.

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