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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Keyakizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #14- April issue of EX-Taishu.... plus new member news!!!!

 Not sure when the official date that Keya's new center will be joining the group. As you can see those will be the new uniforms for the upcoming single "Ride My Honda" which will be the first one with the new center. There will be a huge special in the May edition of Non-no for the sudden change which even has the group's massive Antarctica fan base all agog, some preview pics from that
Non-no special.

 Never mind the world of J-Pop but that just may be the biggest story in the world for 2018, looks like a wise decision was made in recruiting that new member. Just the one spread for today which unfortunately doesn't have one pic with the epitome of coolness....

 .... but at least does have some terrific pics with  one of these lovebirds!

 Gulp, need to let my imagination cool down for a moment....
Only the one spread but it is a biggie as there's close to forty pics featuring quite a few members. It's from the April edition of EX-Taishu which featured a massive 'Special Photobook' section, most of my fave members made an appearance.
 Will break the pictorial down into sections and this is a pair who I'd like to see more often who are Rika and Yuuka. This is their second spread they've done together this year, the duo are also Keya's two oldest members. Following them is the ultra alluring Akane, every spread she appears in seems to be hotter than the previous one. Last up with two pages is Miyu and we haven't seen her in too many recent mags. Have heard she and two other members have taken a bit of beating by the press and fans for their 'fainting spell' on the New Years Eve 'Kohaku' show.

 Trio here feature Neru and with her photobook being so enormously successful surprised she stepped back out of the spotlight, she's close to being Keya's most popular member. After her three pages is a wanna-be member who may not pass the audition but at least this set ends off with the eternally kawaii Minami and why is her set only two pages? 😠

 Two members did have much bigger features with one of them being Yui K, hasn't her popularity gone sky high these last 4+ months? Almost had a solo post for her as she has another mag spread which has about twenty pages, will have that in the next day or so.

Small set here that features the triplets Nanami, Nanako and Nijika, very days go by without at least one post featuring a Nana__.

 Saved the best for last as this was the second biggest solo spread. Last Keya post whined about not enough spreads with Nanako, the gods downstairs must have listened to me as she has some superb pics to end the post off with. Sure I'm in the vast minority but wouldn't mind seeing her have a photobook, come to think of it wonder if a group PB would be a good idea?

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  1. The fans are already lining up for their upcoming concert

    ...'wanna-be member who may not pass the audition'!!!!?!!?!?