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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Erina Mano: A little bit of this and that.....

 Keep saying it but one day will do a 'All Time Twenty' list, not sure if there should be one each for actresses and Idols. In either case Erina could make both lists as though she was an Idol for five or so years do consider her to be more of an actress. Whatever format I would use wouldn't matter for her as I can see Erina coming close to topping either list, her pics truly leave me speechless. Upon further reflection guess my all time #1 would come down to her and a C-ute gal, how do you decide????
 Have some unbelievable pics coming up but first have news on Erina's new drama. At the top is a short promo video for it, series is titled "Kraeshi wo Ron de Kaimashita", she has the lead role of Tae in the show. It'll be airing on dTV, nice to see Erina as the star but being on that network means there's a high chance it won't be subbed, even so will watch a bit of it.

 The drama starts on Friday, really hoping there will be an event for it and if so will be back with another Erina post as I can never get tired of posting about her. There's been many web interviews for the new series, will save some pics for her next post with these being from Sankei.

 Pics are a bit smallish but all still look mighty fabulous, these here are from a Hustle Press interview and a series from them called 'Superb Actress'.

 Few recent pics from Erina's Line Blog, isn't that top one out of this world?! 🙌

 Today Erina released her eleventh(?) photobook, like too many books lately it has a simple title which is "Erina". Was hoping for an event for it but there wasn't one yet there were. On Sunday Erina did three events, one each in the cities of Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. Yet no news site had any info on them plus she just posted these three pics on her other blog which is an Ameblo one.

 Every PB to date has been breathtaking but gaping at these promo pics from it think it may be Erina's best one to date.

 Just one recent mag spread for Erina's new PB but least it's an example of perfection. Perhaps there will be a few more of them coming out for the book and her drama, this way too small set is from the March 13th issue of Flash. That bottom pic will be my #1 of the year as there's no chance of it being topped, whewwww....

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