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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bae Suzy: A (too) few recent happenings....

 Don't do many posts or should I say enough of them for Suzy who may have jumped into my top ten but when she does have one they're usually humongous. She had one in January along with one in early February and bet those two posts totaled over 170 pics. Not a huge one today as she's been kind of quiet since that last post and there really aren't too many new things. No dramas since "While You Were Sleeping" but think her next one will be "Come Hug Me" which is scheduled to begin in May and will have more news when it's released.
 One reason for the post was that I had been slacking on my posts for Korean actresses, as a whole my big faves have been way too quiet this year. Hopefully that means there will soon be too many things to post about which is fine with me. Last Suzy post had so many things about her second solo album "Faces of Love", it reached #6 on the Korean charts. There were two singles from it with one of them "I'm in Love with Someone Else" aka An ode to Nao 😒 reaching the sixth position.

 Was reading a few months ago how Suzy is considered the 'Queen of CM's' in Korea, could be true for if you browse through her YT videos there's too many to count. At the top is a brand new one that came out today for Nescafe, she's had many for that brand of coffee over the years.

 Suzy does a fair job at updating her Instagram account, unlike their Japanese counterparts most Korean actresses use that site and don't have a blog which I prefer.

 It's almost Spring time, wouldn't know that where I live as the snow is almost as high as an Emu. Suzy represents so many clothing brands and sure there will be many more pics coming up for their Spring/Summer collections. This set here is one S/S collection and is from the K2 Lookbook.

 Last up is another Spring/Summer collection which is for Guess, another company Suzy has been with for a few years. She's been around so long you'd think Suzy wouldn't be just 23, kind of looks older to me. Pic eight is my choice for being the #1 from all of the new ones for today, after the set check out a short video for Guess which is quite oki doki.


  1. Maybe you should take a 'Holiday' or 'SObeR' up by 'Midnight' to overcome your 'sleeplessness' as that may not be the best 'confession' to hear from that...b-nahhh
    In case you don't know wth I'm going on about

  2. Uh oh, Suzy is dating Lee Dong Wook.

  3. Hmmm, that's the biggest news story of the day for every site in the world. Hope it's just a rumor, but even if it's true or not why do so many actresses/Idols from Japan and Korea date has-beens who are so much older?

    1. Lee Dong Wook is still very popular in Korea. He was one of the main characters in the 2016 drama "Goblin".

      As for the age gap, girls generally go after older men who can provide and older guys want younger girl who will retain their beauty longer.

  4. I do recall him from the "My Girl" drama which I thought was a decent watch, that was the second Korean drama I viewed after "Sassy Girl Chun-hyang".
    Have heard your theory before which does make a lot of sense but thought it was meant more for the 'common women'. Suzy is certainly anything but common as her wealth and superstardom are sky high these days. You would think she could have her choice of any stud as she doesn't need any man to provide for her.
    Reminds me a bit of Maki Horikita who I know you were a fan of. She was definitely one of the most popular actresses in Japan and also had no need for anyone to support her. Seems to me she could have waited a bit instead of choosing someone like she did.
    I know most of the names of actors but have no clue what the name of the guy she married is. Maki was 26 when she got married, Suzy is just 23 so it's not like their internal clock was/is ticking.
    Hmmmm, I kind of miss Maki quite a bit and didn't realize it until this comment. A bigger fave that I miss is Aya Ueto who very well could be my all time fave actress/Idol. The guy she got married to from Exile is 16 years older! Least Aya hasn't retired but we see so little of her these days but she'll be 33 in September so makes perfect sense once someone hits their thirties to get hitched. This is a topic that will never have an end as most opinions would be both right and wrong, seems like something to discuss over a few cases of Baltika Porter.