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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sara Oshino: Her intro post #3....

 Gulp, Sara doesn't seem like a woman you want to mess with so hope you heed her advice and flock to her posts, that's just a friendly warning so she doesn't go into action! You will see many Race Queen pics of Sara in these posts as she was one for about two years and has four huge pictorials for
the RQ-Star magazine.

 First post for Sara had her 2018 mag spreads along with a few from 2017 and her calendar for this year. All of the sets for today are from 2017 and should be able to have at least one more post for last year, then we'll move on to 2016. Sara has only been around for about three years so there won't be too many pics prior to 2016 but would expect there to be too many to count in the upcoming years.
 On to the spreads which total five for today. My only complaint is that the size of her spreads aren't big enough, how many others have complained about the size of something pertaining to Sara? She released her first and only photobook last September so these spreads will be promoting the PB as they have many outtake pics from it. One of the spreads is huge but these other four are just way too small such as the first set which is from the November 17th edition of Friday.

 Another Friday set which is from their September 29th issue.

 More pics promoting Sara's PB which are from the October 3rd SPA!.

 Final two Sara sets are both from WPB with this small collection being from #39.

 Last set for today is by far the biggest one which is from the July 31st edition of WPB, that fifth pic of Sara could be my fave of the day.

 Think I should get a job in Japan titling photobooks, impossible not be more original than the people that have been naming recent ones. Sara's first PB was released on September 16th and had the inovative title of.... if you guessed "Sara" you win the grand prize for the day, will talk to her about when the trip with her will begin. On the day the book was released there was an event for it and have some fine pics from it here though couldn't find a video. After the pics though is a very short promo video of Sara promoting the PB.

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  1. *smashes buzzer* I guessed Sara, FIRST! I CLAIM THE GRAND PRIZE!!