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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Keyakizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #13 and more....

 Did post one video for the group's new CM for Docomo but have another at the top which features a behind the scenes segment. Also have a couple pics of the Yui-chans who to me are rapidly becoming the faces of Keya and I still think they should have been W-Centers for the latest single. Been debating on whether to have a 'pairs post' for the duo but it may be too easy of a post as those two gals are together so often.

 Sales for the group's sixth single "Glass wo Ware!" are impressive to say the least. It was released on March 7th and in that first week it sold over 833,000 copies which already makes it Keya's best selling single. That figure is close to what Nogi gets for their current singles which have been a step down quality wise compared to their earlier ones. Nogi's sixth single "Girls Rule" was one of their best songs yet sold just 337,000 copies in it's first week.
 Keya's latest single beat that by almost 500,000 copies which is a bit mind boggling. Both groups have appeared on some AKB singles such as their current one. The question is why haven't Keya and Nogi joined forces on a song? Would seem logical and it would increase either group's sales, even a song or two between the Hiragana and Undergirl members would be interesting. Nogi's 20th single is coming out in six weeks so looks like Keya will soon be curtailing their activities soon to let them have the spotlight, not everyone is pleased with that....

 Then again the tears could be from missing Nao! Many members will be at the 'Girls Awards' Spring/Summer show which I had thought was in March but may not be until May. But on the 31st of this month seven members will be at the 'Tokyo Girls Collection' Spring/Summer show, kind of surprised with her popularity no mag has signed Neru to be an exclusive model. Went to the TGC and Nogi sites and couldn't find any info on them appearing which is impossible to believe. They had eight members take a stroll on the catwalk at the last TGC show but as long as W-W is there all is okay with the world....

 At the show Keya will also be introducing their new center!!!! 😉

 Have been mentioning lately that not a lot of the 22 Kanji members appear in the mags, seems like we only see 7-10 of them on a regular basis. One who is sorely missed is the multi talented Nanako and it takes some skill to hold that cone! In the second pic couldn't she be a ringer for Nogi's graduated member Seira Nagashima!? She was one of my top ten Nogi members and this March 20th will mark two years since her departure.

 Another who will be absent from today's four sets is Manaka who is now an exclusive model for ViVi but deserves to appear in so many more mags. These two pics are new from their site and could be the best ones for today.... er, come to think of it the last spread is a bit unbeatable.

  On to the spreads and these days can't have a post with a Nana in it! Nana Oda is a member who rarely has solo sets yet this is her second one in a week and is from Overture #011.

 As I said at the top the Yui-chans are becoming the faces of Keya which to me is a huge positive. They both have a set with this one for Yui K. being too small and is from the April issue of With.

 Yui I. may deserve the next Keya photobook, to me she may have the most attractive face in the group but wondered if she was a bit too thin? She may be but that first pic is really a winner to me which isn't from the spread and perhaps a PB would be an interesting set of pics. She's an exclusive model for ar magazine and these are from their April edition.

 Saved the best spread for last and that's normally the case when Rika has a set!!!! She'll be at the upcoming TGC show and she'll be representing four mags at the show as she's become such a popular model, her first photobook was an impressive seller with over 60,000 copies sold. Final spread of the day is a fabulous one from volume 29 of BLT Graph. All of the pics are winners though #4 to me takes the gold medal for the spread.

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  1. Gotta say Yui.I looks like someone from early 2000s in ar 5th pic, put some low rise jeans on then BAM, time machine! Top left 2nd pic of Rika.W spread looks like it says...Simon👍. One name I was hoping to see at the TGC tho was Yuuna Suzuki...:'(