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Sunday, March 18, 2018

"Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger" sentai series: Episode one recap

 Air Dates: February 17, 2013 to February 9, 2014.... 48 episodes with one special

Main Cast:

The Kyoryugers

Ryo Ryusei as Daigo Kiryu.... Kyoryu Red
Syuusuke Saito as Ian Yorkland.... Kyoryu Black
Yamato Kinjo as Nobuharu Udo.... Kyoryu Blue
Akihisa Shiono as Souji Rippukan.... Kyoryu Green
Ayuri Konno as Ami Yuusuki.... Kyoryu Pink

Atsushi Maruyama as Uppu, he will be the sixth member later on in the series


Toshiyuki Morikawa as Wise God Turin
Ayumi Kinoshta as Yuko Fukui
Marie Iitoyo as Yayoi Ulshade, junior Kyoryu trainee
Masayuki Deai as Shinya Tsukouchi
Shigeru Chiba as Doctor Ulshade

.... plus many that will be added in as the recaps go on

 No huge reason for starting on this series though I did watch a few episodes when it came out. Think I aborted it as these Sentai series are quite long but it's not a race to finish one these days as it may take months to watch all of the 48 episodes. As some may know am also recapping the 'Lupinrangers' show which is currently airing, not a massive fan of these series but have never seen a bad one yet and all are quite enjoyable watches.
 Also am a huge Marie Iitoyo fan and was curious to see her in her first somewhat major show. It also features Ayumi Kinoshita who was my first big time fave which is why I may have started it before. At the top will feature a different video for each recap, some will be be previews and today's is a short one from a press conference introducing the cast. Here are the five heroes we met in the first episode though the only person we saw much of was Daigo.

 Usually a first post for a Sentai series is quite long, hope this one isn't and hopefully it won't be for you readers. As mentioned the only character we saw a lot of was Daigo and only briefly did we meet the other four heroes of the Kyoryuger team though there are 47 episodes to go. This was the 37th show in the 'Toei Tousatsu' series, all the ones I've viewed have been fun but none of them can top the 2004-05 series "Dekarangers", on to the recap.
 Many millions of years ago and perhaps even a billion dinosaurs ruled the world as humans weren't on the scene yet. Their Earth Kingdom had been put in danger by the invasion of the alien army of Deboth, in this show it's also called Deboss so think I'll use that name. The race of dinosaurs was quite advanced as they were able to defeat the Deboss army thanks to many gadgets(!) that they had somehow invented.
 Instead of killing the Deboss aliens the dinosaur army which back then had been called Kyoryuger didn't kill the aliens but instead packed them in ice. Those massive blocks of ice were dumped into the sea and were supposed to remain submerged until the end of time. That wasn't the case as it's now millions of years later and the year is 2013. The ice blocks were in the South Pacific, thanks to the fumes from the world's most populated country of Australia the blocks started thawing and many of the aliens had escaped from the ocean.

 There is one dinosaur who somehow has remained alive since prehistoric times who goes by the name of Gabutyra. His associate/leader which you can see above is Turin who also has the title of being a Wise God. Turin's background is unknown, he doesn't appear to be human nor is he a dinosaur or an alien, did say there's 47 episodes to go so positive his story will be revealed soon.
 On a small isolated island which was also in the South Pacific lived a young man named Daigo who appears to the show's main star. He's quite a head strong warrior who the island inhabitants refer to as the King. Upon learning of the ice blocks thawing Turin paid a visit to the remote island, his mission was to see if Daigo could become part of his team to defeat the Deboss army whose main leader is still frozen while his underlings are now plotting to destroy the Earth.
 With Turin is the dinosaur Gabutyra who looks like mechanized creature and think it just may be. Turin has Daigo face off against the dinosaur who has never lost to a human and how could one defeat Gabutyra? Daigo is a smart alec and also quite annoying at times but there's no doubt he's a skilled fighter, for the first time Gabutyra lost to a human and the match wasn't even that long.

 Daigo has now been equipped with a powerful weapon called a Gaburevolver. It can only be activated by Gabutyra who hasn't yet as the dinosaur hasn't taken a liking at all towards Daigo, how can a mechanical figure have emotions? For now that doesn't concern Turin as he whisked Daigo away to Tokyo where for some reason the Deboss army will be striking first, how is that city still standing after all of the attacks by Godzilla and so many other monsters?
 Another group we didn't get to know too well was the Deboss army, even without their leader they're planning once again to conquer the world. They consist of a whole bunch of very strange looking and odd acting aliens, have heard this series can be silly at times and these monsters are proof of that. Didn't have them in the cast list as we only see the costumed figures but in this first show we briefly met some of them which is this group of grotesque aliens.

 True that some look a tad silly but presume all are very evil hearted. Daigo had arrived in Tokyo and where he whisked to was a small cafe where there were three customers and a waitress. Unknown to Daigo these are the other four members of his Kyoryuger team, they also had no clue who Daigo was. The meeting was over in a flash as Daigo had found a mysterious portal on the cafe's floor, entering it he was transported to the secret headquarters of the ancient Kyoryugers, we've only met Turin but there are more of his kind who have survived for millions of years.
 At the HQ word has arrived that the first attack by the Deboss army has begun, hearing that Turin with his powers was able to transport Daigo to Tokyo. It wasn't the whole army but just one evil Deboss alien called Debo Hyougakki, with him were his incompetent underlings. Heard no name for the group of useless fighters but think their name may be Grunts. Never have understood why such advanced alien races always have troops of inept fighters, why not robots or powerful humanoids twenty feet tall?

 Gabutyra was on the scene first and seemed to be doing well. It's a powerful dinosaur but doesn't have very good agility and soon is in trouble which is when Daigo arrived. He's also holding his own against the Grunt henchmen but he needs to defeat Debo too and doesn't have a weapon powerful enough to do that. Daigo had helped out Gabutyra in his fight, that didn't go unnoticed by the dinosaur as Gabutyra has now finally taken a liking to Diago which activates his Gaburevolver.
 Shortly after that happened arriving on the battle scene were the other four Kyoryugers. Daigo didn't know he was to be part of a team but the other four had been told there would be a fifth by their leader Turin. With five heroes in the battle along with Gabutyra it took no time at all for the small unit to defeat Debo and his pathetic army. The other four Kyoryugers also have a Gaburevolver, that weapon seems to be unbeatable though bet there's more treacherous monsters on the horizon.
 After the battle which was the only major battle of the show Daigo went up and introduced himself as the fifth member. He took off his helmet which the other four didn't do, for now they wish to remain anonymous and only want to associate with Daigo when fighting the Deboss army. That brings us to the end of the first episode, we saw the other four Kyoryugers out of their uniform for about a minute so there will be many introductions still to come up. Will see if I can't do a post for Ayuri Konno who I slightly remember from the "Schoolgirl Complex" film.

 Unsure if I'll recap every episode but will do as many as possible, there are a few dramas starting in April that I plan on viewing and hopefully recapping. Was doing posts for the 'Koi no Nannen' series but ended up dropping it. Still watching it but viewed a few episodes without taking screenshots so will forgo any more recaps but seems most weren't into that excellent series.
 Been getting into these shorter length episode shows more and more the past year. May sound odd but find it easier watching 48 shows that are 25 minutes long versus eleven that are 45-50 minutes in length, also finding the shorter episodes end up being much more enjoyable. Good start to this series and am looking forward to meeting the other four main characters. Up next will be the recap for episode six of 'Lupinrangers', soon will also have a post for episode nine of 'Video Girl Ai' and would have recapped that tonight but after a week the subs still haven't been completed.

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