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Friday, March 23, 2018

Rena Kato: Magazine scans #1

 Not quite an intro as Rena has been in many previous posts but has never had a solo one. Not much of an AKB group fan these days or at least the level I once was at but there are some members who I like and still follow. Rena has been one of them and kept saying she needs a post or two here but like so many others just couldn't find the time. However with a little persuading from one of her ex-mates decided today was the day and hopefully that ex-mate comes through with a reward....

 Thought the timing was good as Rena will be releasing her first photobook on March 28. So there should be a few more mag spreads promoting the PB plus would think an event will be held for it's release. Wonder if Nogi has influenced AKB as after a long stretch of no photobooks there's been quite a few from the '48' family this year, at least five that come to mind.
 Bit of spur of the moment post too so won't have too much bio info today but will in her next post(s). Rena will be turning 21 later in this year but this March marks her 8th anniversary(!) as an AKB member, for such a long time they were introducing new gals who were way too young. Rena is an exclusive model for the Sweet magazine, she appears in most monthly issue but her spreads are usually too small. Will have many more of those tiny sets in the future but have one here from their last July issue along with some recent pics from their site.

 Rena looks mighty darn good to me though admit she's not the gravure model other AKB members are which is actually a positive in my book. There's been a few promo pics for the PB that have come out and it appears it'll be a fine collection.

 On to three new mag spreads and all of them are promoting Rena's PB as the first two feature outtake pics from it. This A+ set to start us off is from Young Animal #7, that second pic is beyond....

 Another superb set for the PB which is from the March 23rd edition of Friday, as you can see by the bottom one the pics for the book were shot in London.... England, not Canada. 😒

 Think I've had more spreads from Tokyo Walker Plus than any other mag this year, they used to feature one actress or Idol but seems they have ten of them in their new issues. This final set is from  their latest edition which is #12. Rena has done many CM's over the years for Pizza Hut, just viewed a few of them and most are quite lame. However do have a short video of her singing live from an event last August with AKB's other Yui Yokohama. It's an okay rock tune and will try to find a longer version for her next post.

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