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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hiragana46: Their most gargantuan post to date....

 Didn't plan it that way but it's the first time a trio of posts has gone Keya, Nogi and then Hiragana. Shame there's not enough for an Undergirls post as that would be one foursome of posts that would be difficult to top. But this is still a momentous occasion with the hat trick and it could be one that future generations will reading about in their history books.
 You viewers can say you were there for the historical event, who knows as fifty years from now you can tell the others in your nursing home you were one of the first to read the first ever '46' trio of posts. Hmmmm, if you're really lucky in your elderly residence you may be telling your story to someone involved in it!!!!

 If you're truly blessed that's how she'll be looking fifty years from now.... Never did post any pics from Hiragana's Budokan concerts, one reason is that I've only seen clips so hoping it'll come out on DVD. Currently playing Nogi's 'Toumei' album and the song on is "Seifuku no Mannequin", Hiragana covered that song on their third night. In the group's first performance which was on January 30th they covered Nogi's single "Oide Shampoo". I really want to view one of those shows as I bet Hiragana is such a fun group in concert and wouldn't doubt if they're better than Kanji. To me Nogi's Undergirls put on a much better show than the Senbatsu members.

Those are a few pics from the shows, really appears they put on such a fun and high energetic show. Been keeping the Hiragana and Kanji pics separate as I consider them to be two different groups, for the most part they don't interact at all. Should have done this post a week or so ago but was a tad lazy, won't let the pics pile up again so, er, wait, what's this?!

 Sigh, there always has to be one wise gal in the bunch.... if she had to say something to me couldn't she have waited until later and blurted out....

 Will wake up from my daydreaming by the end of the post.... why would I want to do that though!? Keya's sixth single will be released on March 7th, title of is 'Glass wo Ware!". The first generation Hiragana members have their own tune which is "Ima ni Miteiro", do have the video but won't post any from YT as Sony has been deleting them very quickly as always, never see Hello Project do that. These are some pics that will be in the singles.

 For now will just be sticking with the first generation members as I like and know them much better than the new group of gals that joined last year, will slowly incorporate them into the posts. A good way to get to know the new members would be to have another Hiragana drama, except for the ending of the last episode enjoyed the "Re:Mind" series.
 Have a whole bunch of new mag spreads, seems the Hiragana gals have appeared in as many recent sets as the Kanji members. It was announced a few weeks ago that Hiragana would be having their own solo album but since it was announced zero info on it has come out. First off is one I'm 98.84% sure hasn't been posted which is from the February issue of Fine Boys. Quartet of members featured by their solo pics are Shiho, Kyoko, Mirei and Ayaka.

 Quite a few solo sets in this collection that's from the April edition of UTB. Featured are in order is Shiho once again followed by Memi. Also once again included in a spread is Kyoko whose final pic is just too tremendous to believe, as in the above set it ends with Ayaka who looks slightly different.

 On to another April issue which is from Bubka. First off are the pair of Mirei who doesn't appear often in mags but I really enjoyed her in the 'Re:Mind" drama, joining her is Memi. Also from the issue are Yuuka with two pages, once again the pair of Ayaka and Kyoko are featured and Kyoko is in all but one of today's mag spreads.

 Still a few more spreads to go. From the April edition of Entame is the 'M Team', Nogi also had a team with that name on a 'Bingo' episode. The three M's are Memi for the third time today, with her are Mirei and Mao who we seldom see, she's the oldest member and the only one to hail from Niigata though Manaka from Kanji also does.

 Last one features the irresistible Kyoko who is easily Hiragana's most popular member, to me she's also their most attractive member though Shiho could be the most alluring gal. This set is from Haaaan Zero which is a feature of the Hustle Press website.

 Doubt if a Hiragana member will have a photobook but if there's a deserving member it would be Kyoko and bet many thousands agree with that opinion. Ended up being one of the better recent posts I've done though with my quality that's not hard to do. Hope this video doesn't get deleted as it's somewhat new but is a fun watch which are clips from the group's various shows, I enjoyed viewing it and it's also subbed in English.


  1. Thought it said 'graduation post' and thought "well s***"
    It's indeed a historic moment. I'm already (feeling)old so expect to see me at a nursing home-oh wait, 'nursing home' 'someone involved'...that means!!


    Not a big deal but ya mixed Mirei with Kumi(again) so I shall direct you to the 1st Re:Mind pic, "freaking wake up" m8 it's 4 in the arvo ya peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  2. No mistake was made on the perfect Nao's part as it was a trick to see if anyone noticed. For the first time someone did and now you have a percentage of 4% for spotting Nao's ruses. The pool of nurses as dwindled as I have first dibs on one of them....


  3. A dud!? ohhh you got me ya sneaky b******...so too bad I told your nurse that 'I' made the 'trio 46' posts😈