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Friday, March 23, 2018

Nao's fourth.... Zodiac post(?)!!!!.... the 'Aries-onians'(?)...

 There's a video at the top but as I'm writing this am undecided who of the eleven celebrants for today will be featured. Will decide at the end of the post and am going to try to have an obscure one that hasn't been seen yet and hopefully for one of the lesser-knowns. Am thinking of having some sort of competition for my big faves that are included in these twelve Zodiac posts.
 Thought about taking my top fave from each sign which equals twelve. Need a number that is divisible by eight which makes it easier to go head to head. So thought about having eight wild card gals, they'll face off which will leave the number at a sweet sixteen. Some signs have a huge amount of faves but will just take one from each sign, four of them will have no gal in the competition. Need to finalize the format for the tournament but will have something in place soon.

 Isn't she one cutie? Did a post earlier today for her and perhaps she should have the undecided video at the top. EDIT: Finished the post and she does have the honor but what makes the video special is that it also features the #1 of many viewers who is Rena.
 Aries covers the stretch from March 21st to April 19th, today's group has eleven faves. That's more than I thought there would be, there's still a few signs where there's less than five women. Nogi nor Keya is well represented, just one b-day in March and April for those two groups or at least a member I like. On to the faves who made the exclusive list and each also have five terrific pics.

 Haruka Ayase.... March 24, 1985

 The oldest person to make today's list and that b-day is tomorrow. Good thing I have posts like this to remind myself of upcoming occasions. Keep saying Haruka needs way more posts around here and that statement is so true, in that case will work on one for her this weekend.

 Mai Fukagawa.... March 29, 1991

 Was working on a Mai post but realized the two mags I had were posted last month so that put an end to that. But still have many new pics so have almost a week to prepare a b-day post, haven't been doing many of them lately but for this group seems a few of them may need one to be remembered. Wasn't a huge Mai fan when she was a Nogi member though I did like her quite a bit but there were just too many other members who I liked slightly more.

Haruka Shimazaki.... March 30, 1994

This sign seems to be dominated by Idols as at least seven could be considered one, perhaps eight if you count the April 11th b-day. Haruka is one AKB grad who has been successful since leaving the group, she's one of the few who have remained popular and have been keeping up with all of her activities. Haruka is still in my top seven or so for fave AKB members and she's another one who may have a b-day post.

 Hinako Sakurai.... April 2, 1997

 There's at least ten dates where two share the same birthday, there could be more and July 27th is a date when three of my faves were born. Not much to add in about Hinako as I just did a post today for her, she just may be the cutest actress around and is the youngest gal of the today's eleven. Will have a few more posts coming up soon for Hinako as her next film in which she has the lead role comes out at the end of April.

 Yuka Miyazaki.... April 2, 1994

 The other April 2nd celebrant and someone who many may be saying... 'who?' Yuka is another gal I had been working on a post for, kind of hard to have really good posts for H!P members and sure all know she's a member of Juice=Juice. Of the current Hello Project members would place Yuka third on my faves list, there's something about her which is so magnetic to me. JJ finally has a single coming out in about ten days so will try to finish her overdue post. She's now a model for the Evelyn clothing brand, second and third pics are new for their Spring/Summer collection.

 Mina Oba.... April 3, 1992

 Another date where there's a pair born on the same day, wonder if there's many or any pics of them together? To me Mina is one of the hottest '48' members of all time and would make the top ten if there was a list for them. For two years have been saying no Idol deserves a photobook more than Mina does and it's even truer these days but sadly the odds of her having one are quite slim.

 Nana Yamada.... April 3, 1992

 Not just the April 3rd date but this pair were also were born in the year of 1992!!!! Think they're the only ones who will claim that distinction and hope I can find some pics of these two together. Mentioned at the top would have one wild card from eight signs, odds are close to 100% that Nana will be the choice as very few Idols can top her though one who does is coming up next. Know many viewers out there were up in arms when I said it in her last post but if there was ever a 'Hottest 48 member' list Nana would finish no lower than third.

 Erina Mano.... April 11, 1991

 The first person on the list has hit the age of thirty though no other fave for today has. But many are coming close as the majority seem to be 25 or older, doesn't seem possible that Erina will be 27 very shortly. For that competition she easily would be the #1 choice for Aries faves, she's close to being my number woman one of all time and what a showdown that would be if the finals were between her and Maimi! Instead of five pics have eleven as her b-day falls on the 11th, most of these are brand new ones never posted before.

 Airi Suzuki.... April 12, 1994

 Three Hello Project members made the list while four from the '48' family achieved that honor. Have to admit Airi had slipped my mind, haven't been keeping tabs on her though she had mentioned she would be starting a solo music career this year. Bet there's a few new happenings recently for Airi so her fans should be on the lookout for a post very soon.

 Yurina Yanagi.... April 19th, 1994

 Wow, three sets of faves share the same b-day and would imagine this is the only sign where it'll happen. Yurina has been one of my bigger faves over the past three years and to me she could be the hottest gravure Idol around though I wish she would leave hair at it's longer length. She does have a pair of new mag spreads so like about seven others for today expect a post for her shortly.

 Haruna Kojima.... April 19, 1988

 Last but certainly not least is Haruna and actually was wrong above saying only one for today was thirty or over. Not totally in error as Haruna won't be hitting that mark for almost a month. Have done a few recent posts for her so not much to add in that I haven't said in those or all of her previous posts over the years.


  1. I'll never get tired of looking at KojiHaru.

  2. Ditto for me and it seems I'm liking her much more these days then I did years ago.... what do they say about fine wine?