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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nogizaka46: Ghoulish yet unscary(?) Halloween cards from yesteryears #2- the Undergirls(mostly)

 What, stale blood?! Hmmm, seems yesterday we killed the demon known as Nana-cula off but guess you can't slay a part vampire/zombie.... looks like I'll need saving once again.

 Er, that's a piece of cake I wouldn't mind having seconds of so save some for me LRRH....
 There was a request for an Undergirls Halloween card post but think I would have done this one regardless, even with this one there's still about fifteen members who have been left out. Such as Hinako who didn't join the group until late 2013 so she didn't have any cards because of that.

 Will post another video of the group at the 2014 T-Spook Halloween show and that will be at the bottom. Sure a few others may agree but we don't see the group doing activities like that as much these days, guess that's the price of becoming so popular. AKB has had their own Halloween shows, wonder why Nogi didn't have a show/concert as they've never had one.

 Ten more members are featured today which brings the total to twenty, if there's zero to post about tomorrow will do one more post for these cards as there's many members who were omitted. Unlike yesterday will give the names of everyone, bet a few may not all of the names of the lesser popular members. However I'm sure there's many like me who can name all 35 members by their pics in about half a minute.
 Group of five to start us off and we have Hina #1 and Hina #2 who are the first two. Following them is Asuka who is now a Senbatsu but at the time was an Undergirl, then there's Mahiro who really looks fine as does Chiharu.

 Yuri leads off the second set, I really like her as she finished 10th on my fave member list. Next two after her are Kana and Ami, she's another fave of mine but she didn't make the top ten but she may have if there were more pics of her.
 Final pair are the two that have graduated this year, Mai F. certainly needs no introduction. Last member for the day is Seira who graduated in March which was a few months before I did that top ten list. If Seira remained in the group then she had an easy spot in my top ten, possibly as high as the fifth position. After the pics is another short video from the 2014 T-Spook event.


  1. actually they did have a mini halloween live last year. easily found on youtube. use the japanese form of their name and halloween live 2015 in the search. was about 45 minutes long

  2. Yes they did perform a mini concert last year but as guests at AKB's Halloween event and there were a few other groups there too. Was hoping they'd host their own special concert and invite a few other groups to make it a gala celebration.