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Monday, October 3, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'Nogizaka Singles Series' #5- "Kimi no Na wa Kibou"- part two 'The B-sides'

Didn't look for the songs until I started this post, was hoping they'd both be on YT  but whiffed at my first effort. I have the videos as they were included on some of the versions of the single but looks like that first one isn't allowed on YT. However that's the audio of the song, to me it's one of the group's best five songs.

 Edit: Batting .500 now as there is a live version for the other B-side. Almost forgot to mention the title of this first song, it's "13hi no Kinyobi" aka Friday the 13th though Jason wasn't in the PV.

 What's unique about the song is that it's an Undergirls tune, really wanted to post the PV as it's one of their best ones. The song is just so upbeat and fun, watching the video of it is even better so if you ever get the chance to view it then would highly recommend doing so. As good as the hit song was think these two B-sides were so much better. No PV but here's a few screenshots from it.

 Even though it was an Undergirls song there were also cards for the song with the Senbatsu members but seeing as how they didn't sing on it these are some Undergirl cards for it.

 Not going to give any info about the single as yesterday's post had all of the sales figures, other details about it plus their covers. Will say though that the single came out in March 13, 2013 so all of these pics will be from around that time. The post for part one had many cards for the hit song but here's a few more of them.

 This week the group will be making an appearance at the 'Girls Awards' Fall/Winter show and hopefully they'll sneak in a new tune from their upcoming single. Back on March 23, 2013 the group performed the new single at their Spring/Summer fashion show plus Mai and Nanase took a stroll on the catwalk.

 Thought that this would be a smaller post than part one, have a feeling it somehow is going to be bigger. Pics are a bit small but they still look mighty fine and they're from a March 19th interview for Oricon Style with Erika, Kana and Sayuri. Glad they've changed their uniforms as I don't know about the rest of you but really wasn't too fond of the ones they wore for this single.

 Mai has been a co-host for the "Umazuki" show for almost four years now, it's a show about horse racing and you can usually find them on YT. It's a bit of an entertaining show and on occasion a few other members join her which is what happened on the March 16, 2013 show as Nanami and Sayuri made an appearance, those two have often been on the show.

 As I've mentioned before, this 'singles series' seems to be more of a 'Nogi history series' as they tend to have so many different things besides the single. The group's appearances in mag spreads really increased back in 2013 and have a few of them to share with you. Mai is seemingly everywhere in this post and she has the first set which is a small one from March 17th issue of Gallop and it's a spread for the "Umazuki" show.

 Rina was the center for the hit tune, fifth time in a row she was the center. Here she is with Yumi from the April 2nd issue of Flash.

 One more spread which is from Weekly Shonen #17, as you may have noticed in these posts their older spreads were much tamer. Featured in this set is Mai(of course), Nanami, Rina and Sayuri.

 Whew, these really turn out to be such long posts. The second B-side is also one of my top five Nogi songs and it only features five members. Name of this ultra fabulous song is "Dekopin", the members who sang the song are Kazumi, Mai F., Mai S., Nanami and Sayuiri. Naturally the PV isn't on YT but there are two live versions and this one is from their 2nd Birthday concert. Like the first song the PV could be a must watch as this song could be their most fun and entertaining video so if you ever get the chance to view it do so and if possible get a copy of it.

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