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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Nozomi Sasaki: Recent 2016 happenings #1....

 If you had been thinking it's been eons since the last Nozomi post you wouldn't be wrong as it's her first solo one this year. She did do a guest appearance in episode's three and four of the "ON" drama where she played a psychotic killer and did have many screenshots of her in those recaps. No good reason for the long gap in posts as Nozomi is probably the easiest actress/celeb/model to follow as she never seems to take even a mini break.
 Time has flown by as Nozomi will be turning 29(!) in four months, ages of most of the actresses I post about are coming close to 30 now which is actually a good thing as many of them are looking better the older they get. Won't go back all the way to the beginning of the year for Nozomi things as there's been plenty of happenings this last month. So many will be able to many posts like this one for the next few weeks though I may do a few older mag spreads from this year. To start us off are some pics from the Fila Autumn collection, no clue what her handicap is(?).

 Nozomi has had her own line of wedding dresses with Fancy for at least five years now, these are brand new pics from her collection which came out last month.

 One new mag spread which is from the October issue of Oggi.

 Nozomi at one time was known more for her modeling but the last few years she's mainly concentrated on her acting career and she always seems to be in something. Her next drama will the "The Last Cop", will have more info about that series in her next post. "Kanon" is her latest film which Manami also stars in, will have a post for her later on today for this event. The movie was premiered yesterday but she wasn't at the event but was at one today that took place in Shinjuku.

 Nozomi has had quite a few photobooks in her career and had a new one that was released last week titled "Secret". It was a collaboration with 'With'(!) and here are some pics of her at a promo event that took place on September 25th, it's a PB celebrating the ten years she's been a model.

 Last item is that Nozimi will have the female lead role in her next film "My Korean Teacher" which is coming out on November 8th. Not much news out there for it yet but will keep you updated, here's the film's poster and it's trailer.

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