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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 'KeyaBingo!' season one, episode one recap

 Forgot how fun the first few seasons of 'NOGIBINGO!' were until I watched this first episode. Nogi is in the eighth season of the show but after the third or fourth season it really became a bit boring and predictable. Still worth a watch but there's no comparison to how it once was.
 Fun is what this first show was and will admit the Keya members are much more emotional than Nogi members as so many of them were in tears during the show. Then again a few cruel pranks were pulled on the group so can understand why it was hard to hold back the tears.

 That pair above are the comedy duo Sandwichman who are the regular hosts of the show. But for this first episode they weren't until the very end as there were a pair of fake hosts for this first show. There was also a fake director who was pulling a lot of stunts and jokes via cue cards as that second screenshot shows. The pair in this top pic were the fake hosts, they're a comedy duo named Sanshiro while the fake director's name was Kawakami who is in the pink shirt.

 On to the members and their challenge at first was to describe themselves using the syllables of their names. For instance Rina Uemura was up first so she had to describe what she's like by using short phrases that began with UE-MU-RA-RI-NA. In front of the gals sat the fake director and he was giving them outrageous things to say or do via a cue card. The members had a hard time doing that and more than once Kawakami went into a rage.
 The members also had to show a special talent they had, Rina's is a love of potato chips as she can easily eat a bag at a sitting. Rina didn't show enough spunk so the director went into a frenzy, quite often he did that, to get Rina to truly show her love for chips.

 Probably a good idea to actually watch the show to get the actual impact of how funny these skits were. Next up was the captain Yuuka Sugai who also had to describe herself using the syllables from her mane. She didn't have a special talent but what has affected her the most were the uplifting fan letters she's received which she cries over.
 There were no real letters so Sanshiro read a fake one and Yuuka needed to cry. Well she had a hard time doing that at first but then the fake director once again went into hysterics at her. She did end up crying but it may have been mainly from the meanness of the director. He even said if she couldn't cry for real they would have to add in some expensive CG of tears.

 Won't go into the segment for every member as you'd fall asleep reading this recap, there were five others who had to describe themselves and be a part of an unknown joke or prank. Those other five were Neru, Mizuho, Yurina, Aoi and Yui. Not enough space to go into each of their skits by detail though all were quite entertaining and here's a few screenshots of them.

 Those short member intros weren't the end of the cruel pranks, you'll see in the bottom screenshots the regular hosts Sandwichman had quite a jolly time watching all of the antics. According to the fake director the show was a total bust and he had some serious words with the Sanshiro hosts. The trio got into a heated argument and almost looked they would come to blows. The director finally had enough of the pair and fired them on the spot(!), the members looking on were in tears.

 The Keya members were in total shock, they thought they were the reason the hosts were fired. They were herded from the studio and told to cool their heels in a meeting room for a while. The fake director Kawakami came to meet the group and told them they are going to film the show again but with a new host(s).
 The members were asked who they would want to host their show, by a unanimous decision the gals all wanted Sanshiro to remain as the hosts. At this time the regular pair of hosts Sandwichman burst through a paper wall and announced to the Keya members they were the new hosts. They then let on that the whole first show was a complete fake as everything done was a prank, that sent the members into even more bouts of tears.

 I really had enjoyed this show, like mentioned above this is what the older 'NOGIBINGO!' shows used to be like. This first show was broadcast on July 5, 2016 and it airs on NTV Tuesday nights. The second season began in January, no word on a third season but sure that will be happening.
 The group also has another variety show called "Keyakitte, Kakenai?" and will be checking out that show after I watch a few more episodes of this one. Should have another recap coming in the next few days, much prefer watching twenty minutes shows like this one compared to 50 minute dramas. There's also a longer version which airs on HULU which has their version of 'Keya Room'. Many more screenshots for all to enjoy but as mentioned it's much better to view a show like this than read a recap of it.

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