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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Nogizaka46: 'NOGIBINGO!' season eight, episode 2 recap

 If you didn't read the above post first would recommend doing that as there are a few more details on what these two shows were about. What both mainly consisted of was meeting the eleven new third generation members of Nogi who passed their auditions last September.
 Ijiri has been the MC for all eight episodes of 'NOGIBINGO!', he's a quick witted host. Last two seasons he had an assistant MC, doesn't look like that will happen for this season though Manatsu and Rina were co-hosts for these two shows.

 Four members had their turn in the spotlight last show which means seven get their chance in this second episode. Up first was Yuuki Yoda who has rapidly become very popular and has appeared in too many mag spreads recently to count.
 Yuuki's special talent' was to be able to talk very sexily, she won't be turning seventeen for a few days so wonder where she got that talent? Her voice though did exude some sexiness and she kept it up while a balloon was blown up in  her chest, same gag was pulled on Manatsu many years ago.

 Trying to make these descriptions of the skits short, these screenshots should help plenty. Shiori Kubo was second and she was terrified of Ijiri when he pulled his underwear gag in the first show. Seemed like she was in tears through the entire episode and her eyes were still a bit red here.
 Special talent for Shiori was to name her skills while playing a fake game of badminton. While playing a group of fake Ijiris came out in underwear and once again the tears from fright came tumbling though she was able to finish the game.

 Of the eleven new members my second fave would be Kaede Sato, she's also a college student. While juggling balls Kaede said she could mention all of the train stations in her hometown of Aichi. Prank that was pulled on her happened in the dressing room as she was given cream that would glow in the dark. It was unknown to Kaede that it happened and she was petrified at first but quickly regained her composure and was able to finish her challenge.

 That glow in the dark prank was also pulled on the next member who was Rena Nakamura. Her specialty was playing the transverse flute and while she was playing the lights went out. It ended up being one of the better skits as Kaede joined her and the pair were two ghoulies on stage.

 Three more members to go with up next being the tallest member at 170 cm Minami Umezawa who is my fave among the new members. Unfortunately her segment wasn't all that interesting as she sang "Hadashi de Summer" in her dialect. While singing a foot massager came out and massaged her feet as Minami was trying to keep singing, of course it wasn't a massage and she was in absolute pain. This was another repeat gag that had once been done to Ami.

 The next test was a bit different and it featured Ayano who is the oldest new member. Nothing happened to her but it did to Manatsu who had been asked to have a gal talk with Ayano. Her cushion was an electric one and three times it went off sending Manatsu sprawling, this also happened to Tamami in the first show and may have forgotten to mention it in that post.

 Last up was Momoko who was so terrified of Ijiri's underwear gag in the first show. He tried to put her ill at ease her during her test which was showing us her skills at Kendo. She was quite scared but at least Momoko was able to finish her challenge, she did say after that Ijiri creeps her out. Not sure if it was part of her act but she is one monotone speaker.

 Had the shows been a bit better would have made these recaps longer but wasn't all that enthused about either episode. Both are certainly worth watching to get to know these new members better but they could have come up with more original challenges for them to do.
 The fourth show aired last night, once the subs are done for them will do back to back recaps for that and the third show. Looks like both of them are going to be a bit more exciting than these two shows and there are different first generation members who will be taking part. The name is in the upper right corner and that name is Beamersubs as that site is doing the subs for this season and so far they've done an excellent job.

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