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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka?" drama episode four recap

 Air Dates: July 16 to October 1, 2016 on TV Tokyo, Saturdays at 12:20 am
 Theme song: "Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai" by Keyakizaka46


 The whole group is in the show and go by their first names, here's some of the members who have had or think will have the most important roles.

Yurina Hirate
Rika Watanabe
Yuuka Sugai
Nanako Nagasawa
Shiori Sato
Rika Ozeki
Yui Imaizumi
Neru Nagahamam


Kyusaku Shimada as Tokuyama, their dead homeroom teacher
Noriko Eguchi as Kanzaki, asst. homeroom teacher
Ryo Iwamatsu as the Principal
Hiroki Konno as the janitor Hashibe
Kazuyuki Aijima as teacher Takemura

 The Keya girls have a new homeroom teacher who is Kanzaki, we met her briefly in the first episode. She's a mysterious character, the girls are a bit leery of her and I don't know what to think of her yet. Don't think she had anything to do with the killing but after four episodes there aren't any suspects except many students think that Neru could be the killer.
 The classroom is much cooler than it should be, the temperature is always set at 28 C but on day three of the murder/mystery it's at 18 C. The girls are a bit worried about the body rotting but actually a colder temperature would prevent it from smelling, Yurina at times has even sprayed the locker with air freshener.

 The Keya students once again receive a message from their dead teacher Tokuyama or to be more precise the text message is probably from his killer. The message says he's been watching them from behind, this really gets the girls in a minor panic as this is the third day hiding a dead body in a locker so some tensions are getting a bit high.
 The girls start having a discussion on what do to next, Yurina is right when she says they can't keep the body in the locker any more. But there's still no other options for them, they did think about burying his body but that could make them accomplices in the murder. Plus a few are getting irate at the girls who are still blaming Neru for the murder. They could be right about her not doing it yet none of them knew about her sneaking into the classroom the previous night to view the body. But all of those problems are minor to what's going to happen next.

 That man above is detective Yashino from the Shinjuku police station. At the end of the second episode the girls principal had revealed to them that Tokuyama's wallet was found at a brothel in Shinjuku, now Yashino has some questions for the girls. This happens to be another very long scene, as a matter of fact except for a short break he's in the last 17 or so minutes. Usually I don't like scenes that are too long but this one worked as the girls tension with him around is sky high now.
 Even though Tokuyama has been married for 25 years he still frequents adult clubs, his wife thought he had an affair with a student but obviously it was with a hostess or prostitute. The detective found some interesting items in Tokuyama's wallet, one was a card from an adult club he went to often and the girls are thinking that perhaps he was a pervert though they kept saying he wasn't. But the main item found was an SD Card, on it were some videos.

 As the above pic says the videos were taken in a classroom but the detective couldn't be sure which room they were taken in. That must mean the videos didn't have any of the girls on it or else it would have been obvious if it was their classroom or not. Detective Yashino is a curious guy as he starts investigating around the room. He was trying to figure out where the camera is or was hidden, to the girls dismay he starts checking the lockers from the first one.
 Yashino goes down the line quickly as none have locks on them. He hasn't found anything yet but the girls are panicking more with every locker he checks, it's just a matter of time until he gets to the one Tokuyama is hidden in. Yashino finally reaches that locker but can't open it, he struggles and struggles but the door just won't open. Earlier in the episode Yurina had been kicking the locker and put a lot of dents in the bottom of it. The other students though she was just having a fit of anger but it wasn't as those dents have damaged the door and now it can't open, have the feeling she did it in case something like this ever happened.

 Luckily for the girls their principal shows up right then before Yashino can get a janitor to fix it. The principal brings the detective to check out more classrooms, for now the students have a reprieve. But not for long as the janitor Hashibe shows up to fix the locker. He's an expert and should have it open in no time. The girls just have such a innocent sneaky way about them, they keep convincing others to believe in them and to date it's always worked.
 They tell Hashibe to leave his crowbar and they'll fix it, for some reason he agrees with them and departs. Before he leaves though he asks about their AC, it's not working properly as the temperature is 10 C colder than it should be. Yurina may be the youngest member but she seems to be the smartest in the drama. The detective couldn't find the camera in a locker, could the reason the AC isn't working is because of something blocking the air?

 Yurina's deduction was correct as she found a camera hidden in the AC unit. This could be the girls's first major clue to solving the murder of Tokuyama, the camera could possibly have captured the killing. But then again it would also show what the girls have done with Tokuyama's body, it's a crime they've committed but not sure what exactly it would be, hampering an investigation?
 We're getting close to this show's conclusion as the ending credits are beginning to roll after finding the camera. School has ended so five of the girls are going to stay to watch the video. They hook up it up to a computer system, it is a private academy so most are fairly bright students. They eventually get the camera hooked up to the system so they can watch the video and possibly discover who killed Tokuyama. Right at that moment the detective Yashino reappears in the room, he was secretly watching them.

 Yashino asks if he can view the video with the girls, with that line the episode came to it's conclusion. Nice cliffhanger to begin off the next show off with, with eight shows to go the video probably won't show who the killer of Tokuyama is but then again it won't implicate the girls in any kind of crime.
 Thought this was the best episode to date though all have been solid watches. Don't think anyone else has reviewed this drama which is good as I like not knowing what could happen next or how it ends. Have done four recaps this week but may start doing just two a week, then again if it remains as interesting could zip right through it. Dramas with episodes at 25 minutes are so much better than ones twice as long, no time for filler as the pace usually remains fast. Unsure when the next pair of recaps will be done but they'll be within the next week.

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