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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Nogizaka46: 'Nogizaka Under Construction' show episode #100 recap

 Been a long time since there's been a recap for this variety show. Have liked it much better than the group's 'Bingo!' shows so decided after a long absence from watching it will start viewing it every week. One reason for wanting to watch it again was that the 'Bingo!' shows were going to concentrate on the third generation members, will keep watching that show but may not do any recaps until it finishes it's twelve episode run.
 So it figures that this episode was dedicated to getting to know the third generation members better but think it was a one time deal. Really enjoyed this show much more than the first two 'Bingo!' shows that's in it's eighth season. This is episode #100 for this series but actually that number is closer to 280 as it was called 'Doko' for so long. We meet four of the new members who show us some of their talents and they're paired up with a first generation member. Title for this show was 'Promotional Strategy'.

 Always have had a problem with the font coloring for this show, have had zero problems with any dramas or films. Usually use red but after a few tests watching this show decided blue was probably the best color for you and me to read the subs.

 Up first was the pairing of Yumi and Mizuki Yamashita, mark my words as within a year or two she's going to become one of the most popular Idols around. She can seemingly do everything, she's great at sports and was showing her golf form with some practice swings.
 Mizuki has already been signed to be an exclusive model for two magazines, surprised then she wasn't at last week's 'Girls Awards' show. She's also very good at being a tea hostess and she gave a fake demonstration on how she does it.

 Up next was Riria Ito, didn't take too many screenshots of her as she's kind of young and wish they had more of the older members for this show. She was paired up with Erika which was one of the highlights of the show for me as we don't see her enough lately due to her being so busy outside of the group.
 Riria is the only member from Okinawa, quite a distance she had to travel just to audition. Don't think it's her main talent but one thing she did was to talk in the Okinawan dialect and she also showed off her skills at baton twirling.

 Up next was my fave pairing on the show. Misa is my current #1 Nogi member and has been for a while. For the new third generation members think Kaede Sato would be my choice for biggest fave, she seems like such an interesting gal. Forget the name of the college but she's still attending a university, think Chiharu may be the only other member to also be a college student.
 First talent Kaede showed us was her calligraphy, she is one who can print and make it look like it was taken straight from a book. She's also very skilled at badminton, she tried to hit a feather into a catcher's mitt Misa was wearing but didn't come close to it. However when the co-host Himura stepped in she was able to serve a perfect strike.

 Last new member we met was Momoko Ozono, I used to think Ayane was so shy and frightened but not to the extent Momoko is. She always seems on the verge of tears and was like that in the first two episodes of 'NOGIBINGO!', wondering too if some of it may be an act. Luckily for her Kazumi was teamed up with her, if you want a smoothing partner then she would be my #1 choice.
 Momoko showed us her semi-skills at Kendo, she fought with Kazumi, who is really good at Kendo, for a while but there was no clear cut winner. Momoko comes from Kagoshima which is at the extreme southwest corner of Japan. She told us how remote her village was and the nearest train station was forty minutes away. Her high school was over eight miles away so she had to use a scooter to get there and she took a spin around the studio on one.

 There were twelve third generation members who joined Nogi last September, perhaps the other eight already had a show like this one or maybe that's some upcoming episodes. All in all really liked this show, what helps are the hosts who have been doing these shows with the group for 280 or so episodes now.
 This show aired on April 9th, will be recapping show #101 soon which aired on the 16th. Once I get caught up with the other three shows will have this a weekly feature. Plenty more of screenshots here from the show, the last of them are of the group performing their smash hit "Influencer" which came out two weeks before this show aired.

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