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Monday, May 1, 2017

Kie Kitano: "Shachoshitsu no Fuyu" drama press conference pics/video and more....

 Up until about 2 1/2 years ago Kii was third for total posts here, that is not counting Nogi. Now I think she's dropped to eleventh as this is her first post in well over a year for anything new. Up until 2015 Kii was in my top five of all time which would include actresses and Idols. Doubt if she's in my top ten these days but would love to see her make a huge jump on my faves list as she was so darn close for a few years of being my #1.
 In September 2014 Kii took a position as a co-host of the 'ZIP!/Showbiz' shows. Back then did a post where I commented it would be a career killer as it airs every day and would prevent her from doing dramas and films. Sadly that prediction came true as we've heard so little from her since late 2014 though that may be changing. Biggest reason for that is that she's no longer a host on those shows, she left them last September and guess she's been on break since then.

 From 2007 Kii was in so many must see dramas and movies, perhaps she wasn't my #1 overall but thought she was close to being the best actress around. Have reviewed many of her dramas, you can't go wrong with "Life, Nagareboshi, School or Tenshi wa Mop wo Motte". That last one was her final full time drama, though it only lasted four episodes it was a really fine show.

 My all time face Kii thing has been the "Halfway" movie which came out in 2009. Have seen it twenty times but had forgotten all about until recently so a watch this weekend is assured. For anyone who hasn't viewed it I truly give it one of the higher recommendations that I'll ever give, you'll become a fan of Kii after watching it.

 Kii has well over a hundred posts so won't go any further with her older happenings but after not hearing from her for so long needed a short trip down memory lane. Kii's next film is titled "Tap: The Last Show", it's coming out on June 17th. So far there's been no promoting for it but it's still seven weeks until the release date so sure we'll be seeing much more of her soon.
 Been a while since Kii's last drama but she's in one that started on April 30th titled "Shachoshitsu no Fuyu". It's airing on WOWOW, the drama will only last for five episodes but it's good to see her back and she has a major role in the series. Haven't seen the first show yet but that's on my to get list though odds are it won't be subbed.
 On April 28th there was a press conference for the drama, first time we've seen Kii in so many months. She is looking a bit different but she is getting older as she celebrated her 26th birthday on March 15th. Have plenty of fine looking pics from the event along with a video, Kii's face looks a bit plumper but she's still maintained her thin figure. First off though are some of her best pics yet which were from an interview late in March for the drama, whewwww....

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