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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 'The AKB48 Show' #148 from April 15th recap

 The thought came to my head about twenty seconds ago, why do they call groups like Keya46
sister groups? Because Nogi and especially AKB have been around for so long shouldn't they be called the 'Mother group' and their offsprings the 'Daughter group' or something else along those lines? Just a thought that popped out of nowhere, guess there's a good reason why they're referred to that way though don't know what it is.
 Nogi has hijacked the 'AKB Show' four times, this is the second time for Keya and their previous appearance was in December. Majority of the show was for promoting their new single 'Fukyouwaon", this show aired in April 15th while the single was released on the 5th. The group performed three songs off the single plus there was a segment for the A-side's PV.

 Besides that there was one long skit after the first performance, wish there were would have been more skits as I'm trying to get to know the members better. Have been doing a good job at that, watching their 'Tokuyama' drama has helped and so didn't this show to an extent as the skits didn't have the most popular members.

 The first skit was a bit of a short one that featured the group's two Yui's. Yui Imaizumi, who is in the top pic, is one kawaii gal, she's 18 so like a few other members may have a solo post coming up. The other Yui is Kobayashi who is in the bottom pic. Because the weather is so nice Imaizumi suggest they go do a Ohanami which is viewing flowers.
  The other Yui agrees to go but Yui I. wants her to do all of the work such as preparing their bento and waking her up.Yui I. is such a sweet talker and manages to convince the other Yui to do all of those things, the segment comes to a too early conclusion as this skit took place in a dressing room, they leave to perform a song.

 And the pair join the other members in performing Keya's current smash single "Fukyouwaon". That single has sold incredibly to date with close to 730,000 copies sold after six weeks. Took AKB and Nogi so many more singles to approach those sales figures.
 It's a song that's grown on me as it's quite an upbeat song though I prefer another tune off the single a bit more. Yurina, like all of their singles, is the center for the song and wish she would cut her hair or change the style as it's always her in face and you can barely see her.

 After that performance was the other show's skit where four of the members dressed up as rookie nurses. Reminded me of Nogi when they do this show, they have four members who dress up as maids. The nurses were Nijiika Ishimori and Nana Oda. Also there was Minami Koike who has to be the cutest member in Keya.

 The fourth nurse was Mizuho Habu, did one post for her recently as she was a model at the last 'Girls Awards' show and she's also a member who is extremely attractive.

 The four nurses are all on their first day at a hospital. There's a doctor who is interviewing them and to say they're not qualified to be nurses would be an understatement. None of them like the sight of blood plus all have problems giving an injection.
 They tried practice injections on the doctor, they failed miserably but he was a bit ga-ga with their kawaiiness. Things tended to go even further downhill for the nurses, that is if you can call them that. They end up running after each other in the doctor's office and think it's already time to go home after twenty minutes on the job. Nijiika was also a hospital drama fan and was answering the questions as though she was on a drama. An okay skit and looks like this could be continued on their next appearance whenever that will be.

 After that it was back on stage for another song which was "Wareta Smartphone". It's a B-side on the current single and think I may like this one best of all. Just five members sang the song on the single, those five also performed it with the members being Akane, Manaka, Rika, Risa and Yuuka. That final member is Keya's captain, as you can see in these screenshots all get over an A++++ for the way they looked.

 Mainly a music show as the skits lasted for about seven minutes and the show was 29 minutes in length. Up next was a behind the scenes segment for their "Fukyouwaon" single and the making of the PV. It was shot in Yokohama and the girls certainly worked hard on it, we don't see enough behind the scenes videos for the making of PV's. Few minor mishaps took place but that's to be expected, the group's singles consist of 22 Senbatsu members.

 Think Rika is my fave member but may have to admit Risa in the bottom pic could be the most attractive gal in the group along with being the most alluring. There was one more song to be performed which was "Bokutachi wa Tsukiatteiru". In Nogi the non-Senbatsu members are called the Undergirls while in Keya they have an official name which is 'Hiragana Keyakizaka46'. It was nice seeing them as they haven't been in the drama or 'Bingo!' shows that I've viewed.

 That song brought us to the show's conclusion, wish there were a few more skits but all in all thought it was an enjoyable show. Been eons since I've watched a show with AKB on it so may have to check out one soon. Easy enough show to get at most sites and it may even be on YT or Daily Motion. As usual took a huge amount of screenshots so here they are to end this post off with and there should be plenty with a few of your faves.

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