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Monday, May 15, 2017

Nogizaka46: 'Nogizaka Under Construction' show episode #101 recap

 Seems as though I(we) can't escape the new third generation members lately as they've been on every episode of Nogi's two variety shows. There may be one more 'Construction' show featuring the new members but after that things will be going back to normal with the shows having all of the members.
 This is part two of 'Promotional Strategy' which is the theme for the third generation members to introduce themselves to the fans. Actually these two shows with that theme have been okay watches so if there is a third show like this wouldn't mind it. It's also good to get to know these new members a bit better but there still are a few second generation  members we haven't gotten to know too well so hope the producers of the show don't forget about them.

 We meet four members in this show, previous one we had also met four which leaves four more to go which is why I think the next show will be in the same vein. They're all paired up with an              old-timer and the first duo had Miona with Shiori Kubo. Shiori doesn't need much of an intro as we met her on a 'Bingo!' show plus she's been in many mag spreads that have been posted.
 Shiori's main talent is the trombone though it was hard to tell if she was very good at it. Miona joined her on the recorder to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", Miona was so bad we couldn't tell if Shiori was doing that well. She did try to do a solo but Miona jumped in and wrecked her performance again.
 Shiori's weakness is the 'Hide and Seek' game. Not actually a weakness as she liked to play it but she became petrified when she was unknowingly found. Of course the hosts used that tidbit to their advantage, she wasn't exactly scared but was in tears.

 Next up was the newbie Reno Nakamura who was paired up with Rina. Reno is also an accomplished musician who can play several instruments. For this segment she chose the flute while Rina played the taiko drums. They did well together but this may have been the least funniest segment as Reno's playing was superb.
 Her one weakness according to her are pickled plus, she just can't stand the look of wrinkles on them. Of course some plums were brought out but they didn't have wrinkles on them, that didn't prevent Reno from running away in a panic.

 Thought the best segment was with the duo of Asuka and Hazuki Murai. Asuka lately has been impressing me more, she was once way too quiet but has opened up to be such a fun gal. Hazuki told us she has a few talents such as Kendama, this is how it's supposed to be played.

 Least Nanami has one talent to get by on. However Hazuki did it differently and tried to get that contraption stuck on to the ball which she did on her third try. She was allowed to show us another of her talents which was playing guitar. Hazuki said she could play any song but even though there were different requests she kept playing the same song by Southern All Stars.

 Final new member we met was Christie Ayano Yoshida. That's a bit of a strange name and she said her parents named her that because they thought they would be moving to Hawaii after she was born and Christie is more of an American name. Her family didn't move though and Christie was raised in Oita which is where Misa is also from.
 Christie's partner for her introduction was Manatsu who was a bit subdued during this segment. Christie tried an Oita tongue twister which she couldn't do cleanly, neither could a few of the other members who tried it. The main talent she showed us were her skills at ping pong and she went up against a high school coach. She did very well and was able to do the tongue twister a bit better while she was playing.

 Tried to keep this recap a bit shorter and think it turned out that way, shows like this are much better to view than to read about. Still have a problem with the font coloring for the subs on this show, the reason why is because of all of the Japanese subs and graphics that are also on the screen. They keep changing colors so no matter which one I choose it's eventually going to be hard to read on occasion.
 Episode #106 just aired last night so that leaves me five shows behind right now. That's not too bad as there's some dramas I'd like to view and am even more behind than that on them. Will be back this weekend probably with two more of these short recaps.
 Though it wasn't as detailed as usual did really enjoy this show and have a feeling will also be enjoying all of the future shows. Have an overabundance of screenshots here which should help you follow the action a bit better. Final eight pics are of the Undergirls performing "Fuusen wa Ikete Iru" which was a B-side on the 'Influencer" single.

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