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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Miona Hori' post #3....

 Doesn't happen often but now and again there's extremely slow periods where there's close to zero to post about and the last 3-4 days have been like that. This post doesn't consist of all new things either but perhaps 80% of these pics are brand new for here. Also didn't want to go three days without posting and have everyone start to forget about this place.

 That's one of the covers for the "Baretta" single, it was Miona's first song with the group and she was the center for the tune which definitely shocked many fans. She was quite popular back in 2013 when she joined Nogi but that popularity quickly waned though she's back even more popular than ever. Miona was also demoted to an Undergirl for two singles but is now back as a Senbatsu member and think she's there to stay as she was in the front line for the last single.
 However don't see her centering a single anytime soon, unless you're going to graduate it's hard to bump Asuka, Mai or Nanase from that position. On to some terrific Miona pics, I've been trying to pump her up so much this year as she's entered my top five for fave members. Unsure if she's that popular around here yet but with more solo posts maybe she will be soon.
 Two mag spreads with the first one being new for here. Another fave member of mine who is sadly overlooked too often is Mai Shinuchi, she finished in the top ten for my fave members last year. The duo share this too small of a spread from the May issue of  Songs Net.

 Already posted this spread but there were no other new ones and didn't want to just have one. This set is so fabulous it deserved an encore as these A++++ Miona pics are from the April 6th edition of Weekly Shonen Champion.

 On April 16th Miona was joined by Hinako and Kana promoting the "Influencer" single for the Modelpress site.

 Hinako has her first photobook coming out in June, wouldn't surprise me if Miona will have one coming out shortly after that. To me the pair are the closest of Nogi members and will do a 'pairs post' soon for the duo. Miona is joined by her in these first blog pics which were from last Wednesday's 'Girls Awards' show. Miona is one of the best at updating their blogs, I would rank her second behind Chiharu and all of these pics are from the last week.

 Miona's mag spreads are of course stupendous but prefer her live at events such as at last week's 'Girls Awards' show. Probably in the minority with my thought but to me Miona looks the best of any member at these shows, first few pics were already posted but most are new.

 If you're a fan of Nogi cards you're going to love these 2017 ones with Miona as there are quite a few of them, all are new except for the "Influencer" single cards. There's a grand total of 44(!) of them, the ones that say 20th Anniversary were for her 'coming of age' ceremony that took place in January.

 Six Nogi members have been doing a sereis of CM's for Baitoru which is a Japanese temp agency, the group has done other promo work for the company in the past. A new video comes out every week titled 'My First' Baito', in week four Miona had the honors and you can view the interesting two minute video after a few pics from it.

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